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That makes me think of that Eddie Murphy bit

Brute By Faberge


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It was clearly used as a political tool in this case.

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My sister was the victim of public enemy #1 in my state. She survived but there's cyber stalking laws now because of her. Biden as a Senator sponsored her to speak to Congress. She's the recipient of the Jefferson Award.

My sister doesn't like his politics, she probably didn't vote for him. But there's no question that Joe Biden is a good person. He is

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Would also solve some of the rising ocean levels too!

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You clearly triggered a jerk. Just block them and their pathetic protest. Definitely someone I will keep blocked.

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Oh you missed out. The ending is fuckin glorious!

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The first 10 minutes is all you really need to watch to enjoy all it has to offer

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A couple months ago I was at the same hotel as West. I tried to extend a hand of recognition but he would have none of it. I assumed at that point he wasn't genuine. Disappointing.

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I had to rephrase it

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It's the flag of hatred and in support of human suffering.

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Anyone else notice that lemmy.world federation seems to be broken? All my communities with them (and probably more instances) appear to be devoid of activity.


Rent Rule (lemmy.sdf.org)
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PNW Washington State USA Spring flowers.

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Where I work, there's a computer museum. I was going through some boxes and found this. The real jem here is the 16bit version.

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It seems that the server was broken for more then 24 hours and I wasn't sure who to contact. So, who do we ask to reboot or fix the instance if its down?

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So I'm noticing that I don't seem to get any engagement when I'm posting replies to posts generated on other instances. Just now I thought I'd go directly to a thread on lemmy.world to see if my comment was showing there but it isn't. Other non lemmy.world users are showing up.

Does anybody else notice this or is it just me?

Example: https://lemmy.sdf.org/comment/6595136 My comment

https://sh.itjust.works/comment/6752604 Who I replied to

https://lemmy.world/comment/6161325 Where the thread originally was posted

Edit: the issue appears to have resolved

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The first Go-Go's album is such a great jam.

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