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Looks to work well with Chrome, Safari, Edge and Firefox. However, you may need to logout, clear browser cache, close and restart your browser for success.

As Lemmy grows and develops we may encounter bugs. In particular, new bugs may surface after upgrading. We'll do our best to maintain a stable system based on the ongoing work. Our smaller sites in Europe, China and Japan may receive updates prior to our USA site as a way to test stability of new releases before implementing them here.

Please be patient and understanding as we grow and help you have a better Link Aggregator and Discussion Community experience that is open, federated and free of advertising.

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Welcome to SDF Chatter - a federated Lemmy instance


I had forgotten about SDF but seeing SDF instance on Lemmy caught my attention. I used to use SDF for a while about 10 years ago and now it would be interesting to see if I have left anything interesting there.

I found my notes from ten years ago so I know what my username was. I don't remember my password though. I tried to log in but to no avail. Is there any way to know whether my account still exists? Do accounts get removed if they're not used for long periods of time?


Exciting for me that the community is actually getting some visitors.

This is my first time being a moderator for a community, so would be happy to receive any tips!


Did someone forget to plug in the certbot?

TACKER:  membership (SDF Membership)
SUBJECT: .. and are down
DATE:    29-May-24 14:17:40
HOST:    mx

there looks to be a possible hardware issue with one of the nodes that
hosts a spare is being staged to take on the additional

Source: REQUESTS bulletin board on SDF public access UNIX system


I just got an e-mail that my account has been registered, 9 months after I signed up.


Never heard of any of this before but it seems like a dope community. I just donated through paypal to validate. I'm excited to try stuff out. I tried to look at the bboard and I am confused but I will learn. never used irc either but I'm curious. This all seems so cool

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Anyone else notice that federation seems to be broken? All my communities with them (and probably more instances) appear to be devoid of activity.




TACKER:  membership (SDF Membership)
SUBJECT: network outage in second cabinet
DATE:    16-Apr-24 01:22:19
HOST:    mx

It looks that we're experience a network outage to our second cabinet
this evening.  A ticket has been opened to address the issue.

This affects, and

Thank you for your patience.

<ANNOUNCE.1.0/2>(87)[ <ENTER> follow thread, (R)EPLY, (F)LAG or (Q)UIT ]

TACKER:  membership (SDF Membership)
SUBJECT: .. network outage in second cabinet
DATE:    16-Apr-24 01:59:59
HOST:    mx

Confirmed that this is only a network outage to the second cabinet and is
currently being worked on by our network service provider.  Hopefully it
will be resolved soon.  Thank you for your patience.

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TACKER:  membership (SDF Membership)
SUBJECT: .. network outage in second cabinet
DATE:    16-Apr-24 20:19:30
HOST:    mx

our network provider has reassigned our uplink port for the second cabinet
and the hosts are once against accessible.

(it even blinks! What!? Why?)

<ANNOUNCE.1> Command:

Just relaying it here.

^Note:^ ^I^ ^am^ ^not^ ^affiliated^ ^with^ ^SDF^



I have a tiny newsfeed community here on SDF. We got a spam comment by another user registered on the instance. Looking at the account, all it does is link spam. Is there a process to flagging the account for moderation at the instance level, rather than flagging to block in individual communities?

Account in question:


If so, is there any plan to remedy that?


Thanks for putting it up btw I love it


From my nginx access log:

your.ip.address - - [21/Feb/2024:06:50:09 +0000] "POST /inbox HTTP/1.1" 200 0 "-" "Lemmy/0.19.3; +"
your.ip.address - - [21/Feb/2024:06:50:09 +0000] "POST /inbox HTTP/1.1" 400 0 "-" "Lemmy/0.19.3; +"
your.ip.address - - [21/Feb/2024:06:50:09 +0000] "POST /inbox HTTP/1.1" 200 0 "-" "Lemmy/0.19.3; +"
your.ip.address - - [21/Feb/2024:06:50:09 +0000] "POST /inbox HTTP/1.1" 400 0 "-" "Lemmy/0.19.3; +"

2 of the entries are "" being sent twice,
the other two are "" being sent twice

I've reported this problem to other affected servers that I've seen:
the post suggests the problem was something to do with running multiple containers with the same index number;
the post suggests that re-starting the backend containers is a fix
(their answers will likely more sense to you than to me, as I don't run lemmy).



Example: On here vs. on Lemmit itself.

I don't know if this is our end or theirs, but nobody seems to have commented about it on their meta community, which makes me think it's not broken for users on bigger instances.


I created this post on [email protected]: if you go directly to the instance, it shows twice as many comments, and a lot more upvotes than on the SDF view.


It seems that the server was broken for more then 24 hours and I wasn't sure who to contact. So, who do we ask to reboot or fix the instance if its down?


Hello! I'm making changes to a web app that involves some aria classes, and I read the docs about how they work, but I'm not real confident in my ability to construct them into something that produces a well-usable experience for someone who's using the app. Is there a good way to get direct feedback from someone who uses a screenreader, or otherwise get some evaluation on whether what I've fumbled together is actually functioning well?


The url scheme looks like this:


for example:


It seems like comments show up immediately now. At least on


Federation is broken.

It's been broken for days - and that's not to say for months, because I charitably include the few hours it worked again lately for some reason.

I don't know if other instances are that thoroughly broken, because the rest of Lemmy seems to be chugging along just fine. It's just us poor SDF user suckers.

And no-one gives a rat's ass.

Truly pathetic...


It appears that comments stopped federating to other instances again sometime yesterday morning (January 5th, before 8AM EST). I can verify that the issue is affecting outgoing comments to multiple different instances (incl. & and that it remains ongoing as of the time of writing (e.g.: compare this remote post vs. SDF's copy, my comment is missing). I'll do the honors and ping @[email protected] here and now so you guys don't have to.

In the meantime, since we're all marooned here anyway: how's everyone's weekend been going so far? Any exciting plans?

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