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Thanks ... (jlai.lu)
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What are You In For? (lemmy.sdf.org)
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The Future Rule (i.imgur.com)
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Extra Tired! (lemmy.world)
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Photo by Dan Minicucci

I have been a photographer my entire life from about age 14 until now and have been very fortunate to see many extraordinary moments in time. This image is the first time I have ever seen anything like it. This barred owl was roosting in a tree and fell asleep it rested its chin on an adjacent branch and continued sleeping.

Parenting must be going exhausting for this poor owl!

Fledged Barred Owl (lemmy.world)
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Photo by Summer Beeler

First time seeing a Barred Owlet!! Definitely an adorable little ball of fluff!!

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ich🖤💸🖤iel (infosec.pub)
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Keep Swiping (lemmy.sdf.org)
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A whistle-blower detailed how procedures in one military hospital were “routinely” carried out without painkillers, causing “an unacceptable amount of pain” to detainees.

Another whistle-blower said painkillers were used “selectively” and “in a very limited way” during an invasive medical procedure on a Gazan detainee in a public hospital.

He also said critically ill patients being held in makeshift military facilities were being denied proper treatment because of a reluctance by public hospitals to transfer and treat them.

One detainee, taken from Gaza for questioning by the Israeli army and later released, told the BBC his leg had to be amputated because he was denied treatment for an infected wound.

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Загальні бойові втрати противника з 24.02.22 по 21.05.24 (орієнтовно)

#NOMERCY #stoprussia #stopruSSiZm #stoprussicism #ВІРЮвЗСУ

| Підписатися ГШ ЗСУ | t.me/GeneralStaffZSU/14773

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Ive just installed Linux (Fedora 40 KDE) on my main PC over the weekend, so im a complete newbie and i apologize if some of my questions are nonsensical 😅. Yesterday evening the system seemed to completely lock up at a certain point while playing Red Dead Redemption 2 for the first time (installed & run via steam using proton experimental). Id love to know if i handled this situation correctly and how to avoid this or handle it more gracefully in the future. Ill begin by recounting what happened and then ask my questions:

The game froze during a cutscene and continued to play audio for a bit after it froze visually but then that stopped too. I have two monitors, the second completely black screened and the first one was frozen on the last frame of the game. As far as i could tell nothing in KDE was still responding to normal key presses or the mouse.

After a some searching online i decided to try through the ctrl + alt + (f2, f3, ... , f6) key combinations to get into a console, that didnt work. As a last resort i tried alt + sysreq (print screen) + REISUB to safely reboot it. That ALSO didnt work, it was p. damn late in the day so i just decided to risk it and use the power button on my pc.

I was prepared for it not to boot anymore due to data corruption or sth, but it seemed mostly fine? My KDE panels were slightly messed up (but that took like 10 sec to fix) and besides that the only odd thing i've found so far is that steam refused to start properly and i had to reinstall it.

So did i handle this situation correctly? Specifically:

  • did alt + printscreen + REISUB save my system or do nothing? As i said it didn't reboot when i did it so i thought it was useless. But after i forcibly restarted my pc and looked it up some more it seems all but alt + printscreen + S may have been disabled, so was alt + printscreen + S responsible for my system still starting without too many problems after i forcibly shut it down?

  • why did this happen & how to prevent it? My system should b powerful enough to run RDR2 (Radeon RX 6800, Ryzen 5 5600X, 32GB ram) and i had nearly no problems up until the crash. So whats at fault? On protondb RDR2 has p. good ratings, did i just get unlucky and found one of the few edge cases where it breaks? But even then, why would a proton/game crash take seemingly the whole OS with it?

  • is it a bad or a good idea to try and trigger this again on purpose? Id really like to know if this was a freak accident or a consistent problem (and if its consistent if eg. switching to proton 9.0.1 alleviates it). So was i lucky that nothing on my PC got badly damaged from this incident and i shouldn't try to trigger it again for fear of permanent damage? Or can i expect that having to reinstall Steam everytime it crashes is the worst that could happen while testing this?

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From a gazetteer called 瀛環志略 'A Short Account of the Maritime Circuit' by Chinese official Xü Jiyu in 1849.

Unfortunately out of all the maps in the book, France suffered the most mistakes with several names being misplaced which makes this a nightmare to translate. I'll leave it for u guys to point out the mistake.

The Chinese seemed to have a more positive view of the French compared to the British-

"Among the countries of Europe, France (佛朗西) boasts the longest-lasting legacy. Since the time of Charlemagne's reign, it has endured for over a thousand years.

Despite enduring various upheavals, its rulers have consistently emerged from its own faction, avoiding the establishment of foreign dynasties or female monarchs, a departure from the practices of other nations. Its legal system is robust, producing capable rulers every six or seven generations, enabling it to navigate crises without succumbing to downfall, suggesting a certain underlying stability.

Regarded as the foremost martial power in Europe, France consistently strives for supremacy, refusing to be outdone by others. Any affront is met with a steadfast determination for retribution. Its people are characterized by their generosity and readiness for battle, embodying a martial spirit reminiscent of ironclad horses.

Unlike other nations, France conducts its military affairs with a sense of justice rather than solely pursuing profit. Thus, despite enduring numerous internal and external challenges over the course of a millennium, France maintains its vigilance over the Western world, its national strength remaining unshaken. Even the celebrated victories of Napoleon ultimately led to his defeat, serving as a cautionary tale against unchecked military ambition.

France also possesses several overseas territories, including Pondicherry in South India, Guiana in South America, Algeria in North Africa, and Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean. However, these territories are neither extensively developed nor particularly cherished, as they are not deemed vital to France's interests.

Like other European nations, France engages in maritime trade, with ships from England, America, and Spain making annual voyages to China. These ships carry a variety of goods, including cotton, cloth, rice, pepper, sandalwood, and sea cucumbers, primarily sourced from Southeast Asia rather than France itself.

However, French merchant ships are relatively few in number, typically ranging from three to four, sometimes even fewer. Their imports mainly consist of luxury items such as feathers, clocks, watches, and other precious goods, showcasing France's wealth and craftsmanship. Wine, clay, silk, and similar commodities sold to other European nations yield profits tenfold without the need for extensive voyages.

France's maritime expeditions to the East are driven more by a desire for prestige than mere economic gain, reflecting its unique national strength and aspirations."

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Source: 4chan-see comments

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Pride Tram! (i.imgur.com)
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