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Whatever happened to lemmy.film? (self.nostupidquestions)
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It had a few niche communities I would occasionally post to after the Reddit exodus but a couple months later I would post there and get no responses or votes. Going to lemmy.film now gives me an error message. Did they decide to shut it down or combine with another instance similar to FMHY? I am curious if they gave some kind of statement.

I am also curious what happened when I post into their communities now. It still gives me the option and I can see prior posts. How does that work with post federation?

Edit: Is there a good community for lemmy specific questions by the way? I know there are a few AskLemmy's but some say they are not for support and redirect to support communities but I am not sure if they are specific to that instance.

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My default buying process is research + spreadsheet creation, this time thought I'd ask the community here if you have any experience / wisdom with garage door openers. Thanks for any help!

Additional info: Single car garage built in the 1950s in the U.S. The current opener is a lift master, just eyeballing it probably from the 90s. The door could be original? I don't know. It's wood, seems fairly substantial.

Yesterday and this morning started having issues with the door just stopping in the middle of opening or closing. When it stops, the remote button becomes unresponsive for a few seconds. When it starts moving again it goes the other direction so you have to keep pressing and try to get it to close/open before it stops again. This morning I ended up pulling it down part of the way because I'd gone through several rounds of up, down, up, down. It doesn't seem to want to move manually which isn't surprising. Worried my car is going to get stuck in there before work so I figure should probably be proactive here.

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(TL;DR): I love being terrified, and this has led me to a fascination with imagining being a witness to / a victim of various tragedies. Is that weird?

The earliest example I can remember of wanting to know what it was like to be a victim of a tragedy was when I first learned what happened on 9/11. We were visiting my grandma, and she was watching a documentary about it. That's the first time I had seen the footage and heard an explanation of it all, and I was still a child (like way too young to be processing what I was seeing), but I was fascinated by it. Even after everyone had left the room to hang out on the porch, I stayed in the living room to watch more. I wanted to know everything, but most of all I wanted to know what it was like to be there. Both as a witness and a victim.

To this day, I would pay good money to get hooked up to something like Roy from Rick and Morty so I could safely experience it without knowing I was safe. And I'd like to choose as many perspectives as I want. From the hijackers, to the people on the directly impacted floors, the people on floors adjacent to the impact, the people who jumped, the people who were outside and witnessed the crashes and collapses, the people who were trapped on the upper floors and remained inside during the collapse...

Besides 9/11, others at the top of the list are things like mass shootings, earthquakes and other natural disasters, catastrophic workplace accidents (mostly explosions), the sinking of the Titanic, Hiroshima/nuclear testing sites, other war related events, various atrocities committed by/against mankind (like the torture committed by the CIA against people suspected of being involved in the 9/11 attacks), the Heaven's Gate mass suicide, a significant portion of Charles Manson's life... It's a mix of wanting the experience and curiosity about the stories/information that never made it into public knowledge.

I don't have a death wish or anything, it's just for some reason I have a fascination with terror. I love getting sleep paralysis and having nightmares, and I feel a weird sense of catharsis when I wake up and realize I'm safe. My favorite ones are when I'm utterly convinced I'm going to die. Even as a kid I loved terrifying shows (like Courage the Cowardly Dog and Mr.Meaty), and as a teenager it evolved into broader consumption of surrealist art, and then I started watching Live Leak videos where I got a more realistic sense of terror. I watched all of the Bjork stalker's tapes, which, if you aren't familiar, they end with him shooting himself after mailing a letter bomb to her. Knowing he filmed his suicide was what piqued my interest, but I also wanted to get into his head so I started from tape #1.

How weird is all of this? Any psychological explanations/speculations about why I'm like this? (And are there any other subs I should ask this in?)

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I see people sleeping on concrete, in cramped plane seats etc How do y'all do it?

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Today, a bunch of people on my Mastodon feed are making declarations about somebody apparently flying a flag upside down, and this apparently has something to do with the New York Times being terrible.

What happened?

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Was 25 and super nervous, so when the realtor was like "oh yeah they just check for basic stuff, but I looked around and it looks great" I was like "Oh okay, this is so astronomically expensive every penny saved is good..."

Everything has been great as far as I can tell. House was built like 40 years ago but super well maintained it seemed and I've been super happy. But just curious if maybe I should hire someone to make sure there was nothing outstanding from back then, and no major issues have popped up in the last couple years like leaks/foundation issues, the like.

Is that crazy? Is it weird to call and be like "I'm not selling, I just wanna make sure there are no issues I need to address before they get worse"

Is there a certain type of inspector I should get? I know some inspectors are notoriously lazy.

Also I moved in 2 weeks before covid lock downs happened for time line stuff.

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I wish to solve CAPTCHA with bicycles, motorcycles etc. in a manner consistent with chaotic good alignment, benevolence, humanitarianism, etc. Shall I select squares that include riders/passengers but not also their conveyance? Was reminded of my uncertainty about this when reading this recent post by @Wilshire to the Technology community.

"Hacked" Instagram (lemmy.world)
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My other half discovered that some dodgy person/company had managed to send instagram messages advertising handbags to all of her followers from her account. She changed her password immediately, but what could have happened here? Is it the case that a “hacker” had access to her full instagram account, or would they have used some tool that allows posting of messages via some kind of proxy without requiring access to her actual account? There was no record of other logged in devices on the security page of her account.

Update: She’s just been through her junk email folder and found a “We’ve noticed a new login” email from instagram yesterday, so I presume that means they were fully in to the account then. How they got the password is anyone’s guess, but could be any of the suggestions below. Thanks all for the responses.

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I've been wondering for a bit why during the time the Democrats controlled the legislature, executive, and judicial branches during Obama's first term in 2008 more wasn't accomplished. Shouldn't that have been the opportunity to make Row V Way law and fix the electoral college? I understand the recession was going on but outside of Obamacare getting passed which didnt go far enough it seems like they didn't really do much with all that power. Are there other important accomplishments from this time that didn't get the news they deserved? It seems like the voters have done their job in the past to elect people to fix things and yet we are still here begging people to vote to fix issues like abortion rights.

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Sometimes what I'm interested in may be more specific or niche, but a lot of search engines and filtering systems don't seem to provide a way to drill down to those results. What may be some reasons behind that?

Or am I overlooking some obvious ways to search/filter this way?

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Completely random stoned hypothetical. Lets day im old as fuck and I decide I'm ready and done. Could I have the same postmortem autopsy done on me while I'm still alive? Like give me a ton of drugs and let me watch myself get dissected as my final moments. I understand there is a legal and possibly moral concern, but is it really ethically that bad if I also want it? Like I'm not taking myself out at my prime, I'm nearly dead anyways. Lemme see myself cut apart that'd be cool as shit, only if I couldn't feel any pain though.

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I got in on an earlier flight, and arrived at 6 it was a pain in the ass.. I literally had to walk around for like 4 hours until things opened, and I was so tired and weary all day.

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Sorry if the title is confusing, but that's as succinct as I could think to make it.

I've been out of comics for a while, but I'd like to read some more. I don't like collecting issues, but I do like larger collections. Call them trade paperbacks, graphic novels, whatever. I've read some over the years (Sandman, Transmetropolitan, Akira, etc.) but I wanted to try some mainstream (DC, Marvel, etc).

I got a Green Lantern TPB (I loved the cartoons!) but the story was super confusing. It jumped back and forth, the characters referenced things that weren't in the book, and random side characters joined and left without any explanation. I asked a friend who said that the publishers would put a narrative arc in several different titles, so as to make people buy different things. So readers were somehow supposed to get all those random issues to understand what's going on.

I'm fine buying whatever, but I want a cohesive narrative. How can I make check that a complete narrative is in a TPB and I don't buy the incomplete style like I did previously?

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I have many conversations with people about Large Language Models like ChatGPT and Copilot. The idea that "it makes convincing sentences, but it doesn't know what it's talking about" is a difficult concept to convey or wrap your head around. Because the sentences are so convincing.

Any good examples on how to explain this in simple terms?

Edit:some good answers already! I find especially that the emotional barrier is difficult to break. If an AI says something malicious, our brain immediatly jumps to "it has intent". How can we explain this away?

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By bump system I mean someone interacting with a post causing that post to move higher in the main feed.

If so what are the specifics? Is it just upvotes? Just comments? What about if someone archives your post?

Also what's to stop someone from trying to manipulate their own post by adding new comments to try to raise the post in the feed to get more interaction?

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I know this sounds like the basis for a cult or something but it's kind of a crazy thought.

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I've observed if I say nothing (because I simply don't know how to react), opinionated people think you agree with them, which I don't. I don't care.

what I want to tell him, next time he starts ranting: 'I don't care what you think, leave me alone'.

However, I may have to work with this person in the future, so what about 'you don't have to tell me everything you think, most of the time I don't pay attention' and if he keeps pushing it 'it's tiring working with a person who has to rant to feel good, it's boring and makes me ignore you, which is a problem, because we work together.' And leave.

What about 'everybody has problems, maybe talk to a therapist? I cannot help you'.

Or maybe simply leaving when he starts his rants?

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It felt like it was uncool to have even a touch of racism when Obama got elected and through his presidency. But since the MAGA movement, I feel like subtle and out-right racism has increased. Like a gateway was opened.

Am I trippin?

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When kids do linear algebra or they rise to the level of GM in chess within the first two decades of their lives, such people are obviously geniuses. Their intelligence is undeniable.

But it's like moral/spiritual geniuses aren't recognized in the same way, if at all. How come their intuitive expertise isn't recognized so easily ?

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I've posted something today and somehow Sync gives me notifications in my inbox for replies to that post, but when I open the post, it can't find any. I can interact with them just fine in the inbox and in the browser. But in Sync on the post, the number of replies is shown to be 4, while the comment section states that no replies have been found.

This happened before and also in other posts with some replies, but I just shrugged it off as common federation issues. But the people replying can be found when I open the post in my browser under the lemmy.world instance, so it's not due to my instance not finding them.

What's happening here? This seems like a Sync problem. Should I move to another mobile frontend?

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