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Oh it's lovely when an otherwise fairly cold (or mild in the summer) eSStonia had experienced practically the highest temperatures in eu-cool these past 2 months on multiple occasions

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The eSStonian and Latvian definitely not nazi posters i totally swear guyz literally plagiarized off one another

Straight up only changed the flags, backdrop of the respective capitals, flags and language

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Isnotreali MoD network got deep-fried again by DDoS attacks, right as the lyrics "Allah is guiding your steps" dropped

chefs-kiss hamas-red-triangle

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There is still this I made like 2 years ago (Kallas' NAFO-sona getting front-row seats PPB'd):

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Building foreign policy position entirely out of NAFO shitposts and probably being the primary source of funding - New STALKER/Fallout setting confirmed to be in the BaltiKKKs?

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Classic eSStonian baltiKKK hitler-detector moment right there

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xi-plz liberate the people of Tallinn with your Dongfeng-41 hypersonic missiles

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Fucking USA by Yoon Mik-suk

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Most major cities and megacities in the world have CCTV networks. China has a lot of CCTV simply on account of China being a huge country on its own with lots of huge cities. Also China doesn't really have many motivators for crime either.

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Stalin based


15 years late, but better than never I guess. And in a bitter twist of irony, Shitrael is the one who forever solved the issue of airport profiling in South Africa.

PIGPOOPBALLS isntrael qin-shi-huangdi-fireball


Can already close 2 of the top buttons/clips and can more easily put it on and take it off woop woop. At least once I shave off another 10 to 20, I'll likely be able to actually wear it.

(Though probably I'd have to have moved back to South Africa if I want to wear this in public without getting arrested or put on Myrotvorets)

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