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Nothing weird about it

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A couple of years ago KIA hired new designers and changed their logo, they basically turned from being the butt of a joke to one of the hottest car makers around.

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I think he’s saner than Trump. Because Alex Jones doesn’t really believe the shit he says. But Trump is narcissistic to a level where he would take down the world him if he has no more options to “win”.

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Also if Putins agents have you surrounded, you could just pick up Björk by her feet and roundhouse ‘em by swinging her in a circle

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I think Crocs can be fucking cool but it depends on the situation and the wearer. And they're the most comfortable footwear ever invented anyway.

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I stand corrected: You didn’t start, but you piled on with the unfounded claims.

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Whoever gave him a new identity would have told him whether his choice of place is a good one…

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Stabbed? You mean by the little nubs inside? Dude…?!!!

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Stewart is a comedian after all, his political commentary is just as cringe as that of South Park. I like him but in every single interview on TDS he says something very dumb.

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Thanks that would have bothered me for weeks

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lol yeah not a bright one

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