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I work on automotive software, and honestly have no issue with issues like this being portrayed as a big deal. I'm sick of how often I'm seeing management push shit software deliveries with the line "We'll OTA it later, it's fine for now."

Screens have been in cars for a very long time at this point, there's absolutely no reason we should be seeing issues like this aside from half-assed software being shoved out the door because we'll hopefully fix it later via OTA.

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This bumper sticker is almost meaningless unless you only bought an early Model S. It was pretty apparent even by the time the Model 3 came out Elon was a gigantic piece of shit, and would be running the company into the ground. Reminder that him calling a rescue diver a pedophile was 6 years ago, and that was only the most public first example of his douchebaggery.

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He was technically a founding member, but left the company. Literally all of this is because he's jealous he can't pull a Tesla and claim all the credit for another tech company.

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Definitely a C6 Corvette, which is appropriate for a man so old he's on his deathbed.

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As someone whose entire heritage is Irish and Swedish, I'm jealous of that robot's tan.

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And since the 12v cabin battery is kept constantly tended and never used for cranking, it also lasts many years longer.

Ehh, this isn't necessarily true for most EVs at this point, at least from my experience. Since they don't have to put up with cranking loads, they tend to be far smaller than one in an ICE. This means that all the "idle" stuff that's running when the HV contactors aren't closed and the DC-DC charging circuit isn't active drains the battery much more quickly, and draining them below ~70% is what starts to degrade them rapidly.

I've personally never had an 12v battery in an EV last more than about 5 years, while I've had batteries in my ICE cars do double that before they showed any signs of trouble.

One other slight issue I've noticed is that a marginal 12v battery makes the car absolutely lose its shit. I can't even tell you the number of people I've seen on forums who think their car completely shit the bed due to the number of faults and such it'll report, even though it's still driving somewhat normally.

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Yes, it very much is. I've owned 2 EVs for 6 years at this point, they absolutely go through tires faster than my ICE vehicles, even on the factory tires. Go to any EV owner forum, and you're almost guaranteed to see complaints about tire wear. It's very, very much a thing.

Now, it's not necessarily inherent to EVs, because it's down to weight and torque output, so a big heavy truck with lots of torque can also burn through tires plenty quick. But still, EVs are much heavier than an equivalent ICE.

Take a look at 2 vehicles from Kia that are dimensionally almost identical, the Telluride and EV9. The Telluride weighs 4,522lbs in its maxed out AWD trim, while the base FWD trim of the EV9 weighs 5093lbs, and the AWD version is over 1200lbs heavier than the equivalent Telluride at 5,732lbs.

If you've got a pretty typical midsized modern vehicle around 3000lbs, go ahead and drive the next set of tires with 700-800lbs of sandbags in your car and see how your tires hold up.

Not to mention there are already a number of studies showing that total PM emissions from EVs are only marginally better than ICE cars, if at all, despite having zero tailpipe and reduced PM from braking due to regen. Now, try and guess where all that additional particulate is coming from...

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"It's a traditional salute! There's absolutely nothing wrong with it, it's part of our heritage™"

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Anyone who's owned an EV and a comparable ICE vehicle knows this isn't a myth at all lmao. They weigh more, and all that instant torque at 0 RPM means that you're almost guaranteed to go through tires faster.

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You can typically look up your city's water test results and see what's in there or do your own testing. The vast majority of municipal water is plenty safe, and most issues with stuff like elevated lead come from the home/building itself, not the municipality.

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The first Kingsman movie was one of the best new Bond film, even if it had some tongue-in-cheek parody elements and openly acknowledged it. Over the top bad guy, fun gadgets, saving the world. Definitely scratches the itch for a Bond film pretty well.

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It's like the worst parts of working for a legacy OEM and a startup all rolled into one at this point. Slow product launches with minimal updates, constant threat of layoff, and with none of the potential big options payouts to make dealing with it all worthwhile.

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