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Heck just read the updates on that post linked above and it looks like someone wrote something just for this. My bad for missing it earlier. It is linked in the 4th-ish answer down.


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Sure you can. Here's one way that looks similar how I do it using wsl. This assumes you're on an EXT4 file system.


There's quite a few options for this but this should at least get you closer to your goal.

I use btrfs on my Linux installs now and there's a windows driver that is phenomenal for that here.


Good luck!

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There's zero fun in calling out the awful things that the xtian mythology alone has done, and conveniently forgiven itself for. ZERO fun is had by anyone but those wielding the hate, and bigotry. There's centuries of bones buried that tell those stories.

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I replied to the wrong comment thread, my apologies. As for this one, I am not bound by a mythology that says "you shouldn't judge". As history keeps reminding us, religions and the subjugate nature of them, are the absolute worst thing to happen to humanity. I am going to judge those that keep spreading it's lies.

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It's almost surreal reading how silly religious mythology is, and how silly it seems to even allow it in conversation about reality. But here we are. We're still taking seriously the imaginary friends some dudes made up before we knew why it rained. And the humans in power still use those fictions to subjugate and control the masses.

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This is the only objective point to illustrate. Laws aren't monolithic across countries. We wouldn't have countries if they were.

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The point of protest is to upset status quo, as a demonstration for attention to grievances.

To imply that you're doing it wrong is some next generation privilege shit.


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They would be. Let's keep educating on the deliberately abstract and obscure "laws". It's important to assist in correcting that ignorance.

Here's a good start: https://www.dol.gov/agencies/whd/flsa

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If we could all just agree that no religious mythology is actually valuable, we'd solve that issue.

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This feels like the natural choice doesn't it?

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