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Was your source the CIA? If so you deserved it

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I live in Taiwan. No chance. Next major conflict is the end of Israel as we know it. The main issue is whether they will use nukes or not.

From a gov standpoint it looks like Poland leadership want to send their people to die. France too but it's the end for Macron.

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Probably CIA funded influencer.

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But it was obvious this whole time??

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Panama papers? I was suspicious of assange because of his comments about 9/11 but I don't want to get into it.

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Any reason India is comparing itself to China?

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Meh, republicans and Trump are playing the heel in order for dems to look good in comparison

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It's because inflation isn't under control. I've been waiting for this moment to come for a while.

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FYI the weapons are basically shit (there's agreement among Taiwanese and Chinese nationalists) and can't be used for force projection at all. In Taiwan purchasing of these arms is considered paying protection money to the mafia. In the US it's spun as helping Taiwan protect itself against China. In China it's spun as the US interfering with China's "internal affairs" since they're larping as owning Taiwan.

I do agree that the US is trying to bait China into attacking Taiwan though. The special forces in Kinmen to train kids (they're probably <23 years old) to pilot microdrones? LMAO. I'm not sure if CIA intelligence (as opposed to operations) even know the actual reason of why China wants to claim Taiwan. They may believe in their own propaganda.

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The KMT doesn't represent Taiwan. The CPC should have finished them off/sent them to jail. Mao was for Taiwanese independene from it's Japanese colonizers.

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The KMT and CPC are both from China. The vast vast majority of Taiwanese are not KMT from China nor any of their descendants.

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