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Are you not ashamed of supporting him?

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That's an unfortunate fact. But why does that trump (pun intended) everything else?

Like what? His genocide?

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This "it works until it doesn't" buzz phrase is getting shoehorned in everywhere now. It's an empty tautology most of the time.

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A war on something usually refers to a concept it an ideology in order to eradicate it. Russia is not at war against Ukraine's existence, it's a war of self defence to neuter the endless US/NATO provocations.

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"...its war on Ukraine."

Brand new bullshit. Never heard this framing before.

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NATO summit going on too. Hmm...

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I've read the word "sundown" at least 5 times today, not even always in the context of Biden. Another one lost to the buzzverbing.

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By "Give", "Lend" is meant, right?

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Cheesy as fuck American backronym. Probably sounded good on a PowerPoint slide.

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Well met traveler. What news do you bring of the outland?


I was especially taken by Ho Chi Minh's quote from On revolutionary morality and thought it would be great to have a comm for discussion on each of these. It's not something I'd like to run but is anyone else interested?


One theory I've heard about the accelerating of the worsening conditions of western proletariat is that the USSR used to provide a bulwark against things getting too bad. People would point at the USSR and the illusion that capitalism was better for individual prosperity would collapse in comparison. Then, with the USSR gone things have been deteriorating for the past ~30 years.

If that is true, even somewhat, why haven't we seen a similar effect from China's example? Is the theory simply wrong? Maybe western capitalism is just unable to even offer scraps from the table at this point. Maybe people are unaware of how things are in China? Could we dare to expect that China's example will force a lifting of the boot from our necks?


"Only China is an arguable peer of the United States, only China’s technological and industrial might can hope to match our own, and only China has the capacity to project power globally as well as regionally."

"China offers a somewhat coherent ideological alternative to the liberal-democratic order."

"China’s one-party meritocracy can advertise itself (...) as a successor to democratic capitalism, an alternative model for the developing world."

"The establishment of Chinese military pre-eminence in East Asia would be a unique geopolitical shock, with dire effects on the viability of America’s alliance systems (...) and on our ability to maintain the global trading system that undergirds our prosperity at home."


"He does not make short-term decisions based on some current situation." He assesses the situation, analyzes and looks to the future. This is very important, it is what separates a real world leader from the people we call temporary workers who come for five minutes to show themselves on an international platform and also disappear unnoticed. President Xi Jinping is a completely different person. He is a thorough, calm, but businesslike and reliable partner. If we agree something with him, we can be sure that the agreement will be fulfilled, both on one side and on the other."


I wasn't sure where to post this, world news it isn't, so here seems to be a good catch-all comm.

It's a collection of speculations and theories surrounding the war in Palestine and its possible origins.


The guy was "removed from the anchor chair" the shortly after this.

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