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What's really frustrating is how many American news outlets are just taking AP and Reuters reports, and rehashing them with their own news readers.

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Who gives a single fuck what Russia wants or is okay with. Ukraine is a sovereign nation and can decide for themselves who to align themselves with.

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I love this, I have a no step on snek window sticker on my car and men approach me thinking I support their libertarian right wing bullshit, no dude, I'm making fun of your stupid ass flag

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Such an interesting art style, reminiscent of both east Asia and India but all the way over in Persia

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lmfao, I eat very healthily, I work out every other day pretty damn hard. And I would chow the fuck down on this thing. I LOVE food, it is the sole reason I spend most the time eating healthy and working out, so that I can indulge on wild shit like this and not feel bad about it.

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Good for you! ⭐ Here's your star, move along

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You can occasionally enjoy things like this and not be obese

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That boy ain't right, but he's got it where it counts

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Google lens is suggesting maybe Rice Ear Bug

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I just want to know. Why?

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Kinda fucked up to call an Irish woman a "mayo woman", they're not THAT pale

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Why are we having some random stock photo guy hold someone else's tweet?


This is Penny, I've posted her before a little bit ago. She is the opposite of the new one. Looks cute and cuddly and is instead an absolute bitch. But we feed and love her anyway.

Shes about 3 now

New Stray (

Naming her Lily

Problemo (

11 years old.

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