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First line could have been: Aye papi never trust a train

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Macron the apprentice manifestement

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A normal fascist nowadays

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Nothing, but if you scroll at the bottom of the form, you have a link to all vendors, and under each one what they consider their legitimate interest is. At least gdpr forced them into transparency, although it is so hidden and there are so many that probably 0.0000001% of people go and check

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The entry Obvious can be found under the section O

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J'aime bien Tondelier aussi, c'est elle qui a vraiment œuvré pour unir les gauches après les Européennes. Mais bien malin.e celui ou celle qui devinera leur proposition

Edit: je me demande, existe-t-il des paris sur la politique comme il y en a sur le sport ? Y'a peut être un filon pour enrichir un peu les caisses de l'État tout en pimentant le jeu démocratique

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🤣🤣🤣 J'espère qu'il dégagera loin

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You only kept the good memories

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Chasing pipe dreams

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What a waste of water that would be. Pressure comes just once

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They will be. It's just a dry season image, see my explanation above

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I found an explanation on a French blog. These shapes are called "Platières à bécassines". Bécassine is the French for the wild bird "snipe". The idea is to cut the grass/vegetation on some patches of the swamp in June (when it's dry), so that when water comes back in the autumn it creates small ponds that snipes like. It's for bird/duck hunting purposes basically.


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PS si quelqu'un arrive à trouver comment partager les vidéos depuis le site de France info alors je remplacerai le lien fb


Désolé pour le lien FB, mais impossible de partager depuis le site de franceinfo

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Edit: SOLVED thanks to r00ty !

Hello, I have this weird issue that my Debian 11 will tell me the root folder is full, while I can only find files for half of the accounted space.

df -h reports 56G while the disk analyser (sudo baobab) only finds 28G.

Anyone ever encountered this? I don't have anything mounted twice.... (Not sure what udev is). Also it does not add up to 100%, it should say 7.2G left not 4.1G

df -h /dev/sda* Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on udev 16G 0 16G 0% /dev /dev/sda1 511M 22M 490M 5% /boot/efi /dev/sda2 63G 56G 4.1G 94% / /dev/sda4 852G 386G 423G 48% /home

Edit: my mtab

Edit 2: what Gparted shows


Currently Chromium 128, and Firefox 127. They always seem to go shoulder to shoulder.

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Press release on the scientific discovery:

Their results reveal that polycerate individuals all carry a mutation affecting the same gene: HOXD1. This is a homeotic gene, which means that it is involved in the organisation of the body plan during the development of embryos.

I hope no mad scientist ever plays with that gene 😅

Article of the photo source

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