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Cartography Anarchy

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A community for Cartographers with nothing left to lose.


Don't be awful Lemmy Guidelines Still Apply.

No direct upload images This is hosted on to post images, you must use an image upload service like Imgur to post maps.

We are agents of chaos I've created this to be the alternative to the community I used to manage on the website that shalt not be named "mapporncirclejerk"

Live and let die Meme trends happen, so please don't message mods asking to take down maps that are repetitive to a bit.

Reposts Vs. Covers Not all reposts are evil- if someone posts something that has been done years ago, it serves to bring old memes to the new users. I call these meme covers. However it can be done in excess which makes it a repost and spam. Mods will determine if a post is a cover or a repost.

No impersonating mods I can't believe I had to make this rule.

No harassing mods on an appeal We can talk it out, and we will be acting in good faith when making decisions. If you disagree with a removal, you are free to message for clarification or to appeal by giving some added context.

Bans Bans will be set to a maximum of 365 days for humans, and a minimum of 365 years for bots. I believe people can change, so if you are banned for good reason, do know that it is not permanent, it is just a way to say "take time to grow and come back when you are ready".

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Saves 2% gas

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From bean to shining bean.

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[Slow clap.]