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Too broke for therapy

Thanks for the memes, folks

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Love this guy

face all >:-(

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It was actually their festival streaming I caught! My friend ordered the service and had a massive watch party at her place all weekend, we saw like seven movies. :)

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Saw this at Sundance. This is a hilarious film! RIP Shaft 🥲

Self care (

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Self care

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These are fantastic! Love studies like these

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as someone with zero moose knowledge, this makes sense to me

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It’s the best thing about circle skirts! :D

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It doesn’t fully activate until you do a spinny in it

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Really relaxing! needs overly of lofi music

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This shot makes me think this cormorant’s wife paid you to tail him

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What the fuck, that was way more hilarious than a blog post about financial securities messaging ought to have been


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Non morde.

Twonk Comics:


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Pada deszcz

  • kochanie, możesz wyrzucić śmieci?
  • pada deszcz.

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Ceremonial warhammer, Germany, 16th century AD


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Does anyone else feel strangely calm when seeing this photograph?

My brain goes all mushy and mellow when it notices that I'm apparently in proximity of a slower kind of a fellow. 🐢

(Close-up of a radiated tortoise (astrochelys radiata*) , from Wikimedia Commons)

(* Everything is more awesome when you put astro- in it)


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Put on a show


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Your move, China.


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It has to be a conspiracy of some kind


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It all makes sense now


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Wise words from Master

Just played metal gear solid. Damn, that actually surprised me. The story was good, gameplay was good, and this was all done on the PS1? I'm taking a small break before heading up to MGS2 and figured I'd share this screenshot for all my fellow gamers XD

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