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Please link to an English translation or article summary in the comments.

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Really? Damn. Either way, archive link in the comments would be preferred.

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Are you? You don't seem to be listening.

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If you refuse to read what Castro actually said, that's hardly my problem.

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Weren't ships declaring CHINESE CREW AND OWNER on AIS and successfully traversing the strait? That's what I remember browsing the AIS tracker sites a few weeks ago

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You claimed that real estate is one of the easiest ways for people to invest their money.

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In the future when citing Reuters, please use one of Reuters' official outlet links (reuters.com, YouTube/Twitter from the Reuters account).

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Good, now read what Castro actually said on the issue (when he wasn't busy being assassinated by the CIA).

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How does lowering down payment requirements from 50% (!!!) prop up a market? It tweaks the demand curve a tiny bit, but like I said it's towards engineering a soft landing. I told you that the central government is trying to engineer a soft landing. What evidence do you have that disproves this?

Investors (who could afford to buy multiple homes) lose money. How terrible.

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Is this a common thing in the US? Evaluating investments based on how easy they are to make, independent of their PnL?

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Look back at your original comment and come back. Read carefully, like they taught you in primary school.

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