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Many experts, such as former weapons inspector Scott Ritter and the Secretary General of the United Nations, are warning that the world is at the highest risk for a nuclear war in decades. Yet, the United States continues to prevent nuclear treaties from existing, refuses to join the UN Nuclear Ban Treaty and is escalating aggression against major nuclear states, including giving Israel carte blanche to defy international law. Clearing the FOG speaks with Alice Slater, who worked to bring the Nuclear Ban Treaty into existence and currently works with a number of groups to prevent nuclear war. Slater discusses the history of nuclear weapons and the growing risk of war as more countries consider arming themselves, as well as what we need to do to prevent nuclear annihilation.

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Since tendons connect bone to muscle, they have some blood flow and can possibly heal. But ligaments connect bone to bone, so there is no blood flow and they cannot heal themselves. Thus tendon tears have a greater likelihood of healing without intervention. But the shoulder is a daily driver, and repairs can make life way easier, especially with a shoulder to chest tendon like the supraspinatus!

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Not sources I know at all, just trying to provide something that an individual who thinks Scheerpost is Russian propaganda for some illogical reason will give more validity. All mainstream propaganda spins the story to paint the US as the hero, which alone should make you highly curious of the other side to the story.

But based on your user name, it makes way more sense a primative eukaryotic lifeform struggles to decipher the massive bias from mainstream news sources these days lol.

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Ok, so you're super critical only to concepts which oppose the side of the story you believe to be true? Have you ever applied this same level of scrutiny to the information you approve of? Until this takes place, you can't logically be confident in your stance whatsoever. But, do whatever makes you happy, I won't argue against it. Yet it's ridiculous to write off anything in opposition just cause it's not as you understand it.

Here's the sources you more or less asked for, I made sure it's from mainstream sources seeing as you're opposed to independent media for whatever reason.

UK Government coving Ukraine in 2014:

Here's a NewYorker article covering it too:

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Pretty similar to the US invasion of Ukraine in 2014 where the President left in desperation to prevent his murder. Two wrongs definitely don't make a right, but after the US overthrew the country's government they should have understood they were going to encounter retaliation at some point.

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The only real option worthwhile is to get nerdy and play the same game. Change up how and what you connect online as well as running security and privacy based open source firmware + software on your devices. Aside from that, protesting would be another option with some teeth too!

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I have yet to see it, but in addition to the lackluster reddit thread, here are the IMDB reviews:

While IMDB has rated a number of films/shows I love well lower than I feel they should be, all in all the scores tend to be a pretty good indicator. They rated it 7/10 with some folks ranting and raving about it, while others say the show tried to fit too much into it. Hope this is at least somewhat helpful.

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In Fedora? I've had one or two issues with the updater if I postponed the updates for a while, yet sudo dnf update always fixed the issue. I feel like thats step one for terminal use really. It's also nice when it's done this way you typically don't need to reboot, unless it's kernel or driver updates.

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I feel like Mint is the move if you never want to utilize the terminal. But while it can be intimidating initially, after using it, you'll grow to love it. Truly makes life way easier. I learned by first finding threads on my issues to copy and paste commands. After doing that enough you'll gain an understanding of the main commands pretty quick. Fedora is a great starter in my mind, as you can do everything through the GUI when first starting, but unlike Mint, you can still get nerdy with the terminal when you feel up to it. Using a VM is a solid option to learn the terminal without any risk, worst case just delete the VM and make another. But you'd have to mess up pretty thoroughly to need to do that in my experience. Fedora, or Nobara which is a gaming and media centric fork of Fedora, are amazing due to the ability to run great out of the box plus being able to dial in anything you want to alter for your needs down the road. Fedora's Software center allows you to add flatpak and snap packages, so it'll all be in one place. Fedora 40 makes NVIDIA drivers pretty easy to deal with too. But this is just my two cents, I'm curious to see what others recommend for you.

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Good on you for being so knowledgeable about the disorder. But 100% ask your doc, being real with my doc has taken our appointments to the next level. The genome is only half of the IgE allergy response, other half is the environment you were raised in as you can build tolerance of it. A high genetic aspect can be countered by a "low hygienic" environment according to research.

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Well, in digging into some research papers, I found "mast cell activation can be caused by both IgE-mediated and non–IgE-mediated triggers".

This is because there can be a mast cell mutation (KIT) which then doesn't require IgE for activation. You have MMAS and not Mastocytosis, right? The mutation seems to be associated with Mastocytosis based on my understanding from the paper.

Since mast cells aren't privileged, they're restricted from entering sites like the brain and spinal cord. So, if they're in the spinal cord, you almost certainly have bigger problems than mast cell activation I'd think, as the barrier isn't doing it's job.

In case you're interested, here's the paper on mast cell disorders:

Here's one on the brain and spinal cord:

The BIGGEST issue with our understanding of the immune system today is that ALL testing is done on mice. The human body on a chip technology along with the digitization of the immune system together will be a monumental step. Thankfully, it's literally something we'll have in the near future. Once that's available, we'll have human specific data plus an onslaught of constant information, which we need to help folks with all of the immune system disorders. I'm an autoimmune patient and losing my friends and family to this uncertainty has led me into the field to try and help improve our understanding. There's legit more we don't know than we do know about the human immune system right now.

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Using cash to buy a prepaid card is always a decent option. Makes it very difficult to associate the payment with the buyer. As far as a MySudo alternative, keep an eye on! They do work in the EU now, but they only provide US numbers. However, they are actively working on being able to provide EU numbers at least.

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While there's no free floating IgE in your system, to degranulate mast cells need IgE bound to their surface. Thats the activation aspect. Since you need mast cells, it's not exactly something you can turn off. Glad you know the triggers at least, gives you the opportunity to make moves accordingly!

Here's a great image of degranulation:

You need two IgE's to cross-link the same antigen as well, like what is shown above.

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