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Worst case, they're saving it to an encrypted blob storage, calling that encrypted, and hiding deep in the ToS that you actually agreed to that

And then it's discovered that bucket was accidentally set to public for over 8 months. Oopsie daisy! But you can't sue us because also deep in the ToS was a forced arbitration clause.

Also, if you don't agree to the whole ToS, you can't use the computer you just paid for.

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People banging the drum on the wedge issues got me like:

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So, they're demanding chips that don't exist to support a feature that no one wants?

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The "what" gets shot into the sun is less important, lol. I just found it interesting that shooting anything into our sun is more difficult than sending it to another sun.

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Thanks for that. I was watching it via the embed in the article and didn't realize the YT link I copied had the timestamp from my current position.

Updated the post.

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Article if you'd rather read about it.

A common joke is "just launch X into the sun and be done with it". Turns out, that's actually a really difficult thing to do.

From Earth, we would have to accelerate a spacecraft to 33 m/s in the opposite direction of our orbit in order to get it to fall into the sun (without entering an elliptical orbit) For reference, we only need to launch a spacecraft at 11 km/s in the same direction of our orbit to cause the spacecraft to escape our solar system.

This means that it would take less energy to launch a spacecraft to another star than our own sun.

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Worf does not look pleased to be on that particular away mission.

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I mean, you're right, it kind of is provoking an "immune" response 🤷🏻‍♂️. Several UIs already add badges to new accounts since trolls spinning up new accounts to ban-evade is an ongoing problem.

I maintain a Lemmy UI, and I'm now adding a feature to let people hide new accounts; they can specify a minimum age and only accounts older than that will be shown in communities they're not a moderator of.

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But they're not real accounts; just abandoned burner accounts. I would hardly call that growth.

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I disagree you're helping smaller instances in any way and posit that you're making the fediverse worse with that practice.

You're creating and abandoning accounts on the regular. Those accounts federate out to every instance the home one is linked to and exist in perpetuity. We're talking several thousand instances or more. All filling up with abandoned accounts from the same person.

This post isn't the flex you think it is.

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That's....literally the same process trolls use.

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Totally agree.

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I'm not sure what triggered this random memory, but I was driving back from a day trip and this song just popped into my head in full clarity.

Over 30 years later, I"m just now realizing Hector is doing some ASL interpretation (which is about the closest to dancing I can do lol).

🎵You gotta believe, reach for the sky. You gotta believe, let your spirit soar high. You gotta believe, let no one stand in your way, and and your dreams will be reality. Some day 🎵

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Was out on a drive earlier and this song came on. I think it's the first time I've heard it in at least 5 or 6 years, maybe longer.

Also,completely forgot how awesome the video for it is.

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Digital collections put library patrons’ privacy at risk

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Alt text: A rocket engine attached to a train. The rocket is labeled "AI" and the train labeled "Enshittification train".

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Disclaimer: If this isn't in the spirit of the community, feel free to remove the post and I'll re-post it in my app-specific community. I'm posting it here since it's a feature that I'm thinking through that may eventually make it into the Lemmy app I develop, and the people here would probably have good ideas/opinions on the matter. Plus, other apps may have already implemented this, and someone may helpfully point that out.

With that out of the way, I'm looking to get some feedback on whether this is a good idea or something that only sounds like a good idea.

Basically, when a post has crossposts, my idea is to fetch the comments for the other cross posts and merge them all into one big comment tree. Regardless of which cross-post you land on, you'll see the same comments.

  • If you reply to the post (top-level comment), it'll post to whichever cross post you're currently on.
  • If you reply to an existing comment, it'll go to whatever post that comment was posted to.

The goal is to bring some unity to disparate communities that have a lot of crossover content.

Is this a good idea? Dumb idea? Can anyone think of any gotchas that might crop up? If I do implement this, it will be something the user can turn on/off.

Potential issues:

  • Culture clash between different communities
  • Mods of one community would not be able to mod every item shown
  • ???


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This kind of debt likely means that he's for sale, which is not great when it comes to public officials

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Image description: Homer Simpson runs a red light at a 4-way intersection, and multiple cars slam on their brakes to avoid an accident. He waves out the window and yells "It's alright, I'm running for president" and drives away.

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Offscreen is Amos hitting on Lwaxana who just kind of materialized on the Roci. Holden blamed the Protomolecule, and Amos named her "Pumpkins".

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I had this discussion with a friend, and we really couldn't reach a consensus.

My friend thinks Lemmy (and other Reddit-like platforms) is social media because you're interacting with other people, liking/disliking submissions, and all the content is user-generated.

I think it isn't because you're not following individual people, just communities/topics. Though I concede there are some aspects of social media present, I feel that overall it's not because my view of social media is that you're primarily following individuals.

In my view, these link aggregator + comment platforms are more like an evolution of forums which both my friend and I agreed don't meet the criteria to be considered social media (though they maintain that Reddit-like platforms are social media while I do not).

So I'm asking Lemmy now to weigh in to help settle this friendly debate.

Edit: Thanks everyone! From the comments, it sounds like my friend and I are both right and both wrong. lol. Feel free to keep chiming in, but I have to go do the 9-5 thing that pays my mortgage and cloud hosting bills.

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