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I was fat, not anymore; hay fever, gone; gout, gone

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I cut out all plant based food and substituted fatty meat and eggs

Beware though that reference ranges are averages of the population the testing lab sees and only sick people get their blood checked.

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Yeah Baldur's gate 3 and hell divers are both doing terribly

Minecraft is pretty unique, or was until its imitators appeared and is the most popular game (or is it second to Tetris?)

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I think release then fix became common as soon as internet distribution became practical

Back when everything was on physical media the releases were more polished

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I hear about people getting Minecraft on game pass. Those people don't play Minecraft like I play Minecraft

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If they die, other companies will buy that IP

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They're fun when you're winning, the votes tell who's winning

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People here describe them as tankies, which I take as meaning a person who thinks the Soviets did communism right

I prefer old commies. They wanted a local revolution and only liked the USSR in that they were the best source of money for funding such revolutions

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In comparison I eat almost only beef and eggs. Occasionally chicken and lamb. That had all my blood work in order, though it took 2 years to go from obese to the top of normal the blood work got good in only a couple of weeks

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That's a tad selfish.

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Official stuff, sure, but not system generated email from giant companies like Microsoft

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They aren't allowed to pay donors in Australia. There are worries that payment would attract people who shouldn't donate and incentivise them to lie on the qualification form

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When I refresh a post, all the comments I have hidden become unhidden

When I comment, all the comments I have hidden are unhidden

Please make remember hidden comments, ideally f forever, but at least for the session. The current state of hidden comments is frustrating

Reddit Enhancement Suite for example keeps hidden stuff hidden, and annotates the root hidden comments with a count of new unread comments above them

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