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In general it’s crazy how people view each other as basically ‘non-human’ entities while driving.

It’s not just cyclists, drivers do it to each other and people on motorbikes.

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This happened to someone I know.

Don’t know the full details, but apparently he ended up going to prison for it even though nothing actually happened, as obviously there wasn’t an actual child involved.

He’s kind of a fuck up, but mostly just kinda stupid and with an alcohol problem.

Is he a predator and therefore one of the most evil people on the planet? I don’t think so.

He’s a fuck up who’s never had success with women, and someone reached out and was kind and interested in him.

idk how to feel about it tbh. I know a lot of people online will just blanket say he’s a monster, but it’s different when it’s a real person you know.

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7.9 ain’t even bad, its firmly in the “good” bracket for IMDB.

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Those who study history are doomed to repeat it.

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You haven’t even responded to anything I said, you’ve just gone “I don’t care, I think they should have it”.

I don’t think they should and I’ve explained my thoughts, so agree to disagree 🤷‍♂️

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My understanding was that any tampering by people voting under different names was so ineffective in influencing an election that it’s barely worth trying, and stopping the people who don’t have ID would have a more significant effect.

If someone doesn’t have ID then they probably just don’t want it or would struggle with any system to obtain ID. They should still be allowed to vote.

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Fuck me, might as well make a whole new pizza.

I’ll just eat it cold 😎

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I adjust the volume so I can see if there are any kids to run down.

I believe in a practical approach to teaching kids road safety.

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Anyone else start reading big blocks of text from the middle and just assume they’ll pick up on the first half from context?

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How can u even punish homelessness?

What you gonna do, put them in a home??


I just don't get how Lemmy is going to act as a proper replacement for Reddit.

I understand the basic concept of Lemmy and the Fediverse, and people are touting the concept of it being federated and not centrally controlled, but it is an absolute mess and nobody seems to have an idea about what to do with it.

How are communities going to grow if there isn't at least some form of central management. Other than there being an underlying framework that connects the servers, they're all just doing what they want.

Outside of the underlying framework, there's no 'guidelines' or consistency. The servers have random names, and the main is telling people to register elsewhere.

How is this going to bring in a wider audience if people are being directed to,, or

What is the purpose of the Fediverse when forums for niche interests already exist on the internet?

Does it make sense to have something like a 'sports' server that has communities for soccer, NFL, basketball, MMA? But then how do you get a consistent naming scheme that lets people know it's part of the fediverse?

Maybe Lemmy could work as a replacement, but it seems like it needs a 'flagship' server with a group of people maintaining it to set an example. Then other servers that cover more specific areas, such as sports, can be set up and potentially work closely with that flagship group.

If this doesn't happen, then I can't see how this doesn't just fizzle out.

P.S. I've also compared two different Lemmy servers and looked at the same post in a community, and there are different numbers of comments on each where they haven't synced up...

I also wanted to post this to the main Lemmy community, but as I had to register via a different server, I'm not able to access that community from the server I'm using for some reason...

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