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My whole family is racist, so I've spent a lot of time un-learning shit while being mindful of my subconscious biases. The last time I was with my family, I had to leave the room because they were all sitting in a circle talking about how black people are genetically inferior. Literally, that's just how they spend some evenings, being overtly racist to each other.

I've had a few black friends throughout my life, all wildly different. One was a stuffy nerd with alopecia. One was a little person grunge rock bass player. One is the most eloquent, kind, and fanciful gay man I've ever met.

There is one, lone insight I think I've gleaned from my experiences with black culture. My family often complains about black people being loud, and I think I have an understanding as to why they sometimes are. One is, like you said, they aren't as afraid to express emotion and that can be as loud as the strength of the emotions. Another reason, I think, is that throughout history they have been marginalized, ignored, and forced to live in out-of-the-way areas. This is not lost on them. I think a way of reclaiming their humanity is in reclaiming their right to be seen and heard. They are THERE. You can ignore them and the issues facing them but you cannot ignore 24" subwoofers. You can't ignore bright colors, dazzling chrome, and the shaking hydraulics of a lifted car.

Also, I'm with you. Whenever black folk are around, I just feel safer. Like, when I go out, I fear right wing nutjobs and their violence, and that just feels less likely to occur when I'm around non-white people. If I'm somewhere and there's only other white people, I'm nervous because one of them is guaranteed a brain dead red-tin-foil-hat wearing psychopath, and with no minorities around he's likely to let everybody know exactly how racist he is.

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Vigilantism, by definition, has no accountability. It's an individual, who could be mistaken, doling out their own interpretation of justice. There are always exceptions to the rule. Sure, posing as a child could illicit attention from child predators, but it could also attract someone who is concerned about the welfare of the (fake) child. I can imagine someone, abused as a child, wanting to reach out and help someone they think is in danger of falling victim to the same. It's not a huge stretch of the imagination.

However, our legal system is woefully inadequate in addressing the amount of predators out there, precisely because it hinges on evidence of an act that often has none, while going unreported for long periods of time.

I'd say, that if someone is attempting to meet up with a child for the purpose of engaging in sexual contact, and you are alerted to that, you get to beat the shit out of them, but I'd draw the line at recording and posting, just in case you were wrong. Guy gets beaten up, learns a lesson, but if he was innocent, all he did was get his ass whooped.

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The importance of physical touch, hugs, and intimacy is so great, that I've long since been convinced that sex work should be legalized. Why? Because often people will engage with a sex worker purely for this kind of intimate contact, even if it's not sexual at all. Can you imagine a depressed 40-50 something that is lonely, and just wants someone to hold him, stroke his hair, and tell him it will be all right? I'm willing to bet that's like 30% of the clientele

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Yeah, sorry, all of this shit has been on full display since day one. We always knew he was a senile career politician invested in maintaining the status quo. What, you think all of us who were genuinely excited about Bernie Sanders didn't all fucking see this? Like the DNC isn't a corrupt organization? EVERYONE KNEW THIS. What, now that we're facing this fascist existential threat is when you wanna bring it up?

Hey guys I know that the demon king showed up out of the portal to hell, and we placed all of our faith and hope in defeating him with this aging warrior, but how about right before he goes into battle we ridicule and taunt him? Especially since the power that the warrior has is derived from those that support him, let's just make sure that after the corrupt org forces this dumbass fucking "solution" onto us, and makes us all realize that him losing means we end up speed-running a fascist dictatorship, let's just make sure to shoot our warrior in both kneecaps right before his big fight. Can we do that? Can we just place all of our hopes and dreams into this one vessel and then fucking shoot it because for some reason NOW neo-liberals are just waking up to what everyone else has known SINCE DAY FUCKING ONE!?

The time for this was before the South Carolina primary in 2016 and 2020. Not now. No, 4 months isn't enough fucking time. Every moron who forced Biden down our throats deserves the next 4 months of pant-shitting nightmares because this is their fucking fault. But anyone saying this bullshit now is just trying to score points like this is a fucking game. It's not. It's our lives and the future of our fucking planet. just vote for progressives, and when you can't vote for the democrat.

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Another question targeted two students who got in trouble for sleeping in class, again asking students to speculate about what would happen if these students were to have children.

“Here at the wonderful school of LBHS, we have certain students who love to sleep in class. I even see students fall asleep during exams! Can you believe that?! I don’t like it when students sleep in class… it’s rude! So, WAKE THE #$%K UP! Well, through much study, I have concluded that the gene for falling asleep is dominant. Not only that some students sleep, they snore in class. This too is a dominant trait. What are the possible offspring if you cross a homozygous sleeping, heterozygous snoring student (student name) with a homozygous attentive, non-snoring (student name) student?”

“(When I saw that) I was like, so it’s not like you’re joking about it. You’re being serious about it, because that’s what they really do,” the Allens’ son said. “That’s how I knew he was not playing around.”

OK so this wasn't OK, but I get it. On one hand, the majority of the time, I'm a student that appreciates their teachers. I pay attention, I ask questions if I need to, and I don't interrupt. The people that do have always pissed me off. Especially when I was in college, and I would have loved to see a teacher lay into these types of students who only ever frustrate and distract while everyone else is trying to learn. That being said, I've also had bad teachers. In 4th grade, I had a teacher that was a misandrist. She gave favorable treatment and grades to the girls in the class, and would be mean to the boys. It sucked, and every boy complained about her, but nothing was ever done. Thankfully, I only ever had her for that one year, but she did make it miserable.

All that being said, I'm still planning to run for office someday, and one of my platforms will be to double all teachers pay.

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When Sandy Hook happened and we didn't even get universal background checks, I saw conservatives plainly that day.

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My last beach vacation day went a lot like this. I got there, rented a lounge chair, carried the burdensome weight trudging through the shifting sand down to a suitable location away from anyone else. Unfolded said chair confusedly, it had a sun shade attachment that was supposed to, like, hover over your head, but mine kept slipping and just whamming me in the face. Including every time I tried to sit up, it'd get a nice whack to the forehead from the metal rod.

I tried to read, but the blinding sun made the pages just a tad darker than it's surface. It was so hot, that it took deliberate effort to calm myself to the point where I wasn't just sweating, and panting the heat away.

Took all of about an hour until I was officially "over it."

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what are you even talking about?

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Yeah, fuckin Dick Cheney came out against drumpf. It's gonna take a helluva lot more than a bad debate and some nobody senator "breaking" with him to make me not vote Biden.

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Hell yeah! I love hearing about workers collectively bargaining. It's one of my favorite things.

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And usually, there was an awesome professor that would "accidentally" make a free e-version of the textbook available to the class. God I appreciated the hell outta them.

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Went to my pride festival last month. it was 98°F, but within the confines of the pride parade, nestled in the downtown district, surrounded by concrete, it felt like 110°F. The only thing I could accomplish was walking while fanning myself with occasional breaks in the shade. It was so bad, I couldn't even pause to look at the vendors wares that were set up in unobstructed daylight. It was just too hot to stand and look at anything, I just walked right on by. There was a YMCA building that people would go in, just to stand in the air conditioned lobby for a moment. The doors opened as I walked by and I could feel the glorious chill air rush past me. I would have gone in, but I observed that there were elderly, frail people taking respite from the heat inside, and it didn't feel right that I (as a young healthy man) should join them.

Basically, it was so hot that the only thing I could really do, is patiently wait until I hit my limit, and then gtfo. I don't think I'll ever want to live in a city again after experiencing this kind of heat.

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