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Chiming in to say I that I understood "ptui" for what it was more clearly than "tuah."

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You've cracked the code, brother. You received 9 up votes and no down votes.

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Just as a thought experiment because it would be terribly impractical:

what if this weapon was meant to be swung?

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Post more, just like this!

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Heh, he doesn't know about the 3 ~~seashells~~ condoms.

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Hey, uhhh, this sounds an awful lot like taxation without representation.

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Yeah, asshole!

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Man, reading the title I thought quantum entanglement had finally arrived and I clicked that shit so fast 😂

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LOL, the tattoo on his right forearm says "Freude am Fahren."

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My appetite has too been whet for this black magic you describe. I'll dig around!

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Excellent read!

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Amazing, I can still smell the glue cooling!

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