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My realtor :(

I was 25 and very overwhelmed by it all.

I love my house, it seems perfect still several years later and I've only had to do some minor repairs.

But I'll get one to make sure no dangers are lurking where me and my handy man can't see!

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I mean 30 year old me recognizes that was a super weird thing to say.

25 year old me felt super over his head anyway.

But I'm getting an inspector! Don't you fret!

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The land it's on is "currently" more expensive than what I paid for it 5 years ago. Just recently got an appraisal done.

If I tried to buy this house now with my income the bank would laugh at me.

Sorry to anyone who didn't buy a house pre - covid :(

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The housing market was silly for awhile. Lots of homes basically had a clause of "If inspection done, no sale"

[-] [email protected] 12 points 2 days ago

Well even the land itself is worth more than I paid, and 5 years of no problems is a great start. But will find a good inspector and see if I really did get that lucky!

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Thank you! I wish I could give advice that was relevant to the current time . If I was 24 and didn't own a home I'd probably be having to do math on buying a 100k home in a super cheap area in a different state. But that would come with other hidden costs like having to own a car, not having access to good medical care, possibly higher crime rate, if I didn't have a WFH job then finding a job will most likely be a pay cut and if I lost my WFH job I'd have to most likely take a lower paying job, then of course if I wanted to see my family ever I'd have to budget in that....

Ugh. IDK man, I feel awful for people just 5 years younger than me.

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Hey man I didn't say it was smart!

And it was one of those things where it's like I had X amount of money, and afterwards I was going to have not much money at all. So spending $300 more of that tiny remaining money was uncomfortable.

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The simple, but annoying answer, was luck and fear.

I grew up in poverty on account of my father going to prison very young and my unprepared mom having to somehow take care of 3 kids and realizing he had made lots of money vanish and stolen lots of the money we did have that needed to be returned, and instead of inheriting money irresponsibly, I got a crippling fear of debt and spending money on non necessities.

But at the same time I was making around 70k a year at 25, because at 20 I got my associates in IT, then found a job paying above what I was asking for in under a month after graduating, and I still work at that job 10 years later as they've been very reasonable through everything. Getting that job SOO fast that worked out so well was just pure luck.

Also I couldn't buy the house I'm in anymore, buying at 25 instead of 26 was pure luck. If I had been born a year later, buying at 25 wouldn't have worked. The price of the house went up about 100k a few months later.

Also even in 2019, my home was considered a fantastic deal. A 2k square foot town home for 240k in a medium sized city (the one I grew up in), within walking distance of main street. It has an hoa, but it only has 9 other town homes in it, and we have a massive shared common area and pool. Having a pool I only have to share with a dozen other people is a luxury I never imagined. Hoa fee is 200$ and they've only ever asked me to pull weeds around my house when a neighbor was selling theirs and they wanted it to look pretty to help out a neighbor.

So I actually don't have a car (too expensive) and I can walk/bike to grocery stores, doctors appointments, the like. To top it off it's only about 3 miles from where my mom lives, and we just recently moved my grandma into a senior living center about a mile away so she's close to me and my mom.

So, yeah. I just saved every penny to a stupid level, then got rather lucky. Saving every penny at my income wouldn't have worked without the luck. Never being unemployed in my entire life was pure luck. Finding a home that met all my needs perfectly within my budget was crazy.

The cheapest home in this city are 200k 900 square feet town homes, but because of the interest rates the monthly payments are 50% higher than my beloved home.

But all that luck wouldn't have meant a thing if I hadn't saved like crazy. Sooo... yeah. For context, after much cajoling from counseling I have agreed to allow myself 100$ fun budget per month, and $400 a month for food so I buy more "nice" food. My only debts are a little bit of my college loans (I paid off all the high interest ones and the only ones left are like 3%. I had a tradition where every tax return I just put the entire thing towards the highest interest student loan) and my mortgage which is at 4.25%. I'm going to retire a millionaire and with a fully paid off home.

But it's so sad, because people taking the EXACT same actions as me, but 2 years younger, won't. They'll have to rent their entire life, or buy a home out in the middle of nowhere away from family and services. Which means they'll most likely need a car and have to pay other premiums.

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Was 25 and super nervous, so when the realtor was like "oh yeah they just check for basic stuff, but I looked around and it looks great" I was like "Oh okay, this is so astronomically expensive every penny saved is good..."

Everything has been great as far as I can tell. House was built like 40 years ago but super well maintained it seemed and I've been super happy. But just curious if maybe I should hire someone to make sure there was nothing outstanding from back then, and no major issues have popped up in the last couple years like leaks/foundation issues, the like.

Is that crazy? Is it weird to call and be like "I'm not selling, I just wanna make sure there are no issues I need to address before they get worse"

Is there a certain type of inspector I should get? I know some inspectors are notoriously lazy.

Also I moved in 2 weeks before covid lock downs happened for time line stuff.

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Oh sick!

I always find joy in the fact that vegan community accidentally made a large infrastructure for people who need to cut out certain animal products.

Find that you can't eat eggs? Vegans know what replacements work for what purpose.

Milk disagree with you? They have choices!

Happy to hear that it made it easier to cut out dairy for your health!

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"Hear me out"

describes a lazy chocolate coffee

I mean it is a unique way of making it, but it's still just adding coco powder and sugar to cold brew!

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Oooh great shout! Now remembering how crazy we would go with the little $20 popcorn machine my mom bought.

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I mean a small amount of oil usually helps.

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When I want a little sweet treat I make smoothies.

My base is always frozen banana + milk + oats then do one of these:

Cinnamon + vanilla

Pumpkin + pumpkin spice+ brown sugar

Strawberries/blue berries

Cost like under a dollar to make a good cup and they are pretty filling.

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Most are made up and silly.

The only one I've liked was in college I did a "communication style" one. Where it showed a bunch of different like emails, posts, and conversations and asked which you preferred to receive and which you were likely to write.

10 years later I still think about it, cause the goal of the work was to talk about how if you're a certain communication style what to keep in mind with communicating with others. Like tips to not get frustrated with yellows who don't care about facts when sending emails and how to write emails that don't bore and frustrate people if you're blue. (I'm blue green. I can sometimes write long emails)

I thought about it the other day cause a guy was complaining about all these emails that didn't seem to say anything, they were just about feeling good, and he just wanted them to spit it out. Which corresponded to firey red getting mad at green.

So with that context, do you have any that actually had an impact on you?

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I love fantasy, but fantasy series are kind of nefarious for some... problems.

Series that drag on to reach an arbitrary number, creating a number of filler books. (8/9/10 of a certain series comes to mind for "filler books" )

Series that keep going for so long and lose the thread, straight up making what happened in previous books seem silly and irrelevant.

Books that vary wildly in quality (book 10, shout out to you again)

Series that aren't finished (GRRM fans, you might get your books if he lives long enough. King Killer chronicle fans... I'm sorry, but the author is dead even if the man remains).

I just really wanna try a bunch of fantasy standalone novels from different authors. But I can't for the life of me find a website that'll let me do that. Amazon will say after clicking on it "book 1 of x", so like the information is there, but I can't find any website that let's me search for it. I can find websites that list like "Top x standalone novels of the year" but those are usually really click baity.

"Finished series only" filter would be sick as well.

Anyone have any ideas?

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I saw the trailer for "American society of magical Negroes" and it looked kinda funny in the first 20 seconds, then the trailer went on to show what I'm pretty sure was literally everything in the movie.

Are there any other trailers that made you lose all interest in seeing it because it showed literally everything?

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Context: my gf mentioned getting a vpn for privacy, and I tried to explain that it "does" help, but it's more like type of windows on a house. It certainly can be part of the package, but it's no where near the foundation.

So i tried to explain the best that i could That if she was worried about online privacy the first step wasn't to mask traffic, but to not submit personal data to anything online like FB, not use Google services that package everything on you together to sell to advertisers, and to limit phone apps to essentials.

But I'm curious on what other steps you guys would consider the "foundation" of online privacy that should be prioritized before a vpn. Any thoughts? Or am I way off base?

Note: this is in context of vpn for privacy. Using vpn to avoid Geo blocking and censorship I see as incredibly valid for those that need it.

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My best (stupid) guess is weapons. US gov has a ton of weapons. Already sells tons of weapons. Now the prices will always remain stable. Other countries would love to know that 30 million usd would always be able to buy an f15. Other countries declaring war will increase the value of the USD, as buying weapons from us government will decrease amount of money in circulation.

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I try to stream my favorite games, and I will get small audiences because I do events in the online games. But whenever I try to edit or listen back I feel like I'm in pain.

Is it really annoying, or is it just that everyone hates their voice?

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A lot of the devs went way outside their comfort zone to make these games, and all feedback/rating would be super appreciated! Also a good way to learn about how games can be made blind accessible!

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