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That one got me to laugh out loud.

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I fucking love animal pictures. Following all these now.

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Yeah, that must be what I was reading and then assumed that the role of president generally improved chances of being selected.

Reading comprehension is cool, kids!

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This is my bad; I had read somewhere that the president would be considered for the role of Supreme Leader. Upon further reading, it seems this is not the case.

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I’m so curious to see how Iran will change over the next decade. Given that the Supreme Leader is quite old, the person who takes Raisi’s place is going to be really influential in the Middle East at a time when the whole region is a pressure cooker.

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Yeah, I couldn’t sleep last night, so I was looking around here for a while. I think browsing all might be good enough for now. I’m also really digging the smaller size; it seems to allow all posts made in good faith to get decent engagement. On Reddit, the early downvote I got on this post would have been a death sentence for responses, but now I’ve got lots to go off of here

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Happy to be here! I’ve had this account since the Great Migration of 2023, but I was slow to actually leave Reddit because the dumpster fire was too enticing. Thanks for the recommendations.

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