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Welcome! You may also want to look at this repo.

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Premier, not prime minister.

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Oh it's no secret to anyone in the maritimes that the Irvings own NB. On reddit people described being contracted to build their bunker.

I think they're waiting to be eaten.


Almost fooled me, but I think it's satire.Link is paywall free but here's an archive link anyway.

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Herd of boars?

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Yes that's a big factor as well. I need to remember to not always get so cynical.

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There's no stupid questions! If it were so obvious someone else would have replied sooner.

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Can you elaborate?

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Already had the shotgun though

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Did you possibly change your Lemmy account setting there by mistake?

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Well, they see women as lesser and crave control, among other factors.


Connection: song shares a name with a popular song from Frozen


Some good contagious laughter. Curious how lemmy/Sync will handle the autofilled video title

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“Prime Minister Trudeau and I don’t agree on much, but we do agree that Canada is not for sale to foreign governments,” opposition leader Pierre Poilievre said. “Canada is now, and has always been, for sale to mining companies, agricultural conglomerates, and the American hedge funds who own most of our news media.”


Connection: "under" in title


Connection: "over"

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