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It's amazing that the whole of humanity, or at the very least the United States citizens haven't realized that we're being played. We're being told we need to fit into this specific group or that specific group causing division. When citizens aren't able to unite, they are more easily controllable. Identity politics is chit and so are the fans who perpetuate division.

The only time, two opposing sides agreed... FJB


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Well keep in mind that homeschooling doesn't exclude extracurriculars. In my town, almost on a daily basis there's some sort of child learning activities, museums, planetariums, gardening, nature exploring etc.. These activities are done with other homeschooled children and children going on field trips.

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If you play close attention to the "power' of your toilets flush... you'll notice when it's getting close to a clog. That flush will make you second guess something isn't right. And if your neglect it, you will sooner or later realize it was in fact on its way to clog.

The life of a homeowner. Many of you have NO idea the amount of chit you need to learn and pay attention to on a daily basis to make sure your home is well maintained. Adulting fkin sucks.

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My wife isn't a certified teacher, she just goes online and finds educational resources and prints them out. My daughter is learning at the 4th grade level. She's only 5 years old.

Before my wife and I had kids we had this discussion about public education, private institutions, and home schooling. If private institutions were affordable, we will go that route, if not, then home schooling. I told her public education is not on the table, ever. It is an institution that keeps the minds of children dull, lethargic, and incapable of advancing because the curriculum provided is static, all children work at the same pace.

When I was a child, my teacher in 2nd grade told my mother I had ADHD. That at first, I was an excellent student, I did all my work, then all of a sudden I had a change in behavior. Come to find out, I was bored. The pace of learning was too slow in the classroom. And thank fk my mom didn't put me on any meds. My wife was the same way in high school... she was skipping school so much she was about to get expelled but she explained to the dean that all her homework was completed, all got good grades and she always came to school to take quizzes and tests and those scores were never below a B+. And that anytime she got anything less than an A she would do extra credit work to make up for it. They allowed her to continue her high school education and she graduated as one of the valedictorians, meaning a perfect 4.0 GPA.

All I'm saying is, public education gives you the bare minimum to become a wage slave. The institution is outdated, plain and simple.

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A literal audio recording or a video coming from the horse's mouth. But because of AI's awesomeness.. I would hold onto my decision for a while until things are vetted and proven factually. AI will in fact be used by government(s) to create deep fakes. Anything to continue striking fear and hate into the hearts of its citizens.

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So we're gonna pretend like false allegations don't exist? I'd think by now people would wisen up. How many false allegations have we witnessed? How many lives ruined because of accusations? Families destroyed? Men imprisoned over lies?

I try to be careful about what I accept as fact.

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Oh jees... welp it was great while it lasted.

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lol yeah I'm going to stick to Apple.. As long as Apple cares about security, I'll continue to use their products. IDGAF about Tesla or X, quite frankly.

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When you learn about HAARP and you just accept the fact that humans are chit.

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I don't trust chit from the media. I would even say, I don't trust it unless I see it with my own eyes and hear it with my own ears.. but now that AI is around.

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Interestingly if I refrain from ejaculation, the longer I go, the more aggressive my performance is. I was in the camp that it was all BS. This was in my late teens and early 20s. I decided to test this claim after a gym owner/coach/professional bodybuilder gave me his thoughts on his personal journey into gym training, explaining that he would not ejaculate 1 week prior to a set of specific exercises he had planned to PR (hit a new personal record).

I've gone so far from refraining to ejaculate (about 6 weeks) that I would literally urinate a mixture of urine and ejaculate - without the orgasm. Reaching this far into refraining, my aggression and focus was noticeable. More interestingly and may have been coincidental, but refraining from ejaculation even eliminated joint pain I had in my elbows from heavy bench and overhead pressing. I'm including this because apparently there's people who have arthritis (of some sort) and after ejaculation, their arthritis flares up immediately after.

I personally don't care if people want to call it a myth, but if you're an athlete, you compete, or simply take weight training seriously, you should maybe test out said myth for yourself.

I joked with my wife that I couldn't break a 685lbs deadlift, I hit a plateau there - 4 times in a row (4 different sessions) until I decided to refrain from sex for 10 days leading up to my next deadlift session where I was able to smoothly pull a 690, so smooth I debated to go after the 700 (my next milestone) but decided to save it for another time.

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Hello everyone!

My manager just brought to my attention that this organization has a CentOS 6.3 server - he didn't specify what it's hosting just yet but asked that I find a solution to do a full backup so that we may restore later onto bare metal with the option to migrate from CentOS to another Linux distro.

Has anyone had experience with backing up / restoring CentOS 6? And if you know what would be the best Linux distro to replace CentOS 6? Or even a step by step guide for both or either one?

Please and thanks in advance!

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Hey all.. I don't even know if this is the right community. But figured I'd ask here and worst case no one gives a response.

Anyway, two of my comments were deleted and I was banned from a community:


@StaySquared from the community Lefty [email protected] reason: reactionary

The post was about how there's no such thing was unskilled work. I commented that, "sex work" is an unskilled job. And my second comment was that it was the first thing that came to mind, that a clown creating animal-shaped balloons are more skilled than a sex worker.

I don't understand how this is reactionary? Or how it's defined in this community but apparently it's bad enough to get banned for it. I wish the mod(s) would give a clear explanation, otherwise I'm going to continue breaking rules aimlessly (without realizing I'm breaking the rules).

Definition of reactionary: opposing political or social liberalization or reform.

I'm not opposing sex work. I'm defining sex work as an unskilled talent/job. If a man or woman wants to be a sex worker, good for them. I'm not offended or negatively impacted by sex workers.

So I guess the question is, how do I contact the mods or a mod of that community so they may get my defense before outright perma-banning me from the community?

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