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When people talk about saving the bees they usually mean the ones responsible for feeding us.

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Any US president will support Israel due to geopolitical relations the US has with Israel:

Biden is at least acting as a moderator in the war, which is significantly better than the GOP who are saying they want Israel to "finish the job" when talking about Gaza. Voting third party will benefit the GOP and make the situation much worse.

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It's not about being PC, it's about how the word is used. There's nothing wrong with the word as it's defined, but when it becomes a common insult it becomes less acceptable. Just like any other swear word.

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What does that have to do with pouring grease down the drain? Whether you agree with landlords or not it's objectively not the right thing to do and if anything will just be a pain in the ass for the next tenant

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Don't worry, it's fiction. It's not real. No actual planets were harmed in the making of this game.

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We used to put lead in gasoline and emit lead fumes everywhere we drove. I still don't think microplastics can compare.

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There's a flip side to this too. First world countries that are completely opposed to immigration are starting to see a significant population decline which will come with a whole host of other problems.

And in the US at least it's actually extremely difficult to immigrate through legal means. You have to be a qualified professional and generally have to be sponsored by an employer to get a green card, or have family members that are citizens. The main issue is people that abuse loop holes to get into the country without going through the immigration process. And I agree, that's a problem that needs to be solved. It really does a disservice to the hard working immigrants that work their ass off to become US citizens/permanent residents the legal way.

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There's no way microplastics are worse than heavy metal poisoning.

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That's funny. Obviously cities go back thousands of years, but I don't think it was the norm for the majority of humans to live in them until the last several hundred years or less. But in general, I do believe humans have fewer group social activities than we used to, and therefore fewer opportunities to meet new people.

There's a cultural aspect to this too. I know in China it's common for parents to be matchmakers and find other parents that have single kids for them to go on dates with. And historically in India arranged marriage has been common. So I'm probably looking at this from a western lens. But still, as far as dating goes online dating seems to be the modern evolution of it. And in my opinion an improvement.

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Not really. Humans live very differently today than they did throughout the past several millions of years. Cities and 9-5's were not the norm until relatively recently. Unless you have a group you hang out with where you constantly meet new people it can be very different to find a partner in modern society without some form of dating.

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I don't get all the hate dating apps get. I met my wife on bumble, so maybe I'm biased. But still, it seems significantly better than the methods previous generations had (blind dating, speed dating, getting introduced to random friends that might happen to have something in common).

What's the alternative? You just happen to get lucky enough to meet someone in your daily life that's a good fit? One of the advantages of dating apps is that you get introduced to a much larger pool of potential partners than you otherwise would, which makes it significantly easier to filter out the wheat from the chaff and find a good fit.

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Chaos is the natural state, but life is part of the universe and life brings order. As long as there is energy for life to use to do its work, it will continue to bring order to an unordered universe.

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