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Today is your cake day, @valuesubtracted

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I’m sure all the extremist conservatives and libertarians living in that area will be happy to get by on their own without any government support


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Those crew quarters fill up quickly when the wars start.

Just look at how full 10 Forward us during the alt timeline Klingon war


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FWIW, I never thought he was literally trying to choke him. Get leverage on him? Pop his head off?

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Wish we had a modern Sim City. No subscriptions in in-app purchase, or internet connection required.

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Greek here: you just made an enemy for life ✌️


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I’d love to see him in Star Trek

Captain of the Enterprise C before Cpt Rachel Garret takes over command?

bisexual rule (startrek.website)
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Hi all, after 15 years on the other site, I’m relatively new to Lemmy and still trying to figure things out

I want to have an account in one Lemmy (e.g, Lemmy.world) , but be able to browse a different Lemmy such as lemmy.ml, see it’s communities and subscribe to some of them

Is this possible in Voyager?

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