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I'll never understand politicians' willingness to slob Kissinger's knob every fucking chance they could. The dude sucked.

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I could not finish Haunted.

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Cheaper, not free.

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By "controlled lending system," do you mean the library? If so, it is ridiculously expensive for them to offer ebooks and audiobooks. One ebook costs $60-100 and they can only lend the licensed copy for two years. You would think audiobooks would be more expensive to do but publishers charge roughly the same.

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I don't know how they have not prepped Sen Whitehouse to run. Dude should win based on his name alone.

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RISC-V still has a ways to go before it usable for much.

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It's probably well past the statue of limitations.

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My mom just constantly says "the weather has been weird lately." You would think she would see a pattern after so many years.

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Last time the rest of the country had a heatwave, I said "thankfully I live in Seattle." Only a couple weeks later the temperature was over 100°F here for five days straight. So I'm going to shut my mouth this time.

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His father's supplement business...that he partially owns.

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Apparently the editor realized it was not a good way to phrase it and reworded it. To make the original headline clearer, it could have been "Woman shot dead by..."

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