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I feel like you're trying to argue when I'm trying very clearly to communicate,

"Your comments will be moderated if you keep using the word authoritarian"

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Okay, but do you see what I am trying to communicate?

Use different language that isnt connected to a holocaust trivialization attempt.

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Okay, well say those things instead then.

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What are you trying to describe?

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I would look to historians like Dovid Katz and search for "double genocide theory", I would not like to make this an argument.

Please change your language when posting in the comm. "Authoritarian" and "totalitarian" are not useful descriptors and are historically connected to trying to equate the USSR and nazi Germany in order to do holocaust trivialization.

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Yo, define authoritarian in a way that doesn't include western bourgeois democracies or find a different word

The whole "authoritarian" nonsense has its roots in holocaust trivialization attempts in countries that collaborated with the nazis.

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This is good for the dprk, the US still runs massive mock invasions to force them to spend massively on their military, this plus the nukes makes them a lot less precarious, especially with dedollarization too.

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Exploiting cheap workers in inhumane conditions, resembling 19th century capitalism. Exactly what communism was supposed to end. China is getting robotized somewhat, since its society ages dramatically, but they want to keep polluting the world with cheap throwaways.

Taking everything you said as true, that isn't imperialist though. Imperialism is a specific thing, have you read any academic writings on imperialism?

DPRK constantly threaten South Korea and Japan. Apart the famous missile launches, it performs abductions, drug smuggling, marine poaching, and spying. And we have cyber attacks as well. The country is too shitty to invade another country full scale, but it does what it can do to be a bully, officially uses imperialist rhetorics and throw threats.

Taking everything you say is true, that also isn't imperialism

The elections were carried out in such a way, that an average worker had no chance to vote for a social demoratic party, anarchist party, or liberal democratic party. They even killed their communist opposition, Mensheviks. There is no democracy with a single party system, don’t be ridiculous.

Okay, see my original point about not being informed.

Setting aside manufactured famine in Ukraine and genocides like Katyn, very cautious estimates says that around 30 millions of people were victims of gulag, with lethal 2,7 million victims. This is probably massive underestimation, since many of gulag documents were destroyed in 2014. But hey, the mortality rate was smaller than in Nazi death camps, great job USSR! /s

Your estimate should be 1.7 million, Nazis aren't people remember?

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I think that's a pretty common experience in strongly anticommunist societies

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Please share an explicitly diamat anarchist text from the pre-kruschev era

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Lol, no. Power was incredibly monopolized by the bolsheviki and their Komisars.

Okay so the first problem is that you're basing your ideas around the soviet union on popular western media and not an actual understanding of how the system worked.

Here is a fun rabbit hole to go down.. how did too much horizontalism lead to a failure to cyberize the planned economy ala cybersyn?

The video used the same definition. I never claimed it was congruent with the essay on the anarchist library.


It’s ok, if you didn’t get the video. How is steam a monopolization of power?

The decisions made regarding the nature and circumstances of operation impose restrictions on all operatives in the system, ergo decisions made on a local level affect everyone. It is the monopolization of the use of literal power (and torque) unless you reject specialization, it is the imposition of authority. And rejecting specialization on a practical societal level requires a massive imposition of authority.

Do you know the difference between a free and an imperative mandate?

Yes, are you asking a ML if they don't understand the difference between strong and weak delegates? Y'all know democratic centralism is our thing right? Which is a much more thorough application of the principle.

The robbery example would not be authority, but force, according to the anarchist essay.

LOL. Someone pointing a gun at you and giving you instructions isn't authority? It isn't the monopolization of violence in this context?

The essay’s author doesn’t view self-defense as “blind obedience”, hence they don’t think it is authority.

The essays author establishes that some anarchists define self defense as a justifiable exercise in authority.

You claim that the anarchist definition is incomplete, which you try to prove with Engels’ definition.

No, the argument is that the anarchist definition isn't grounded in materialism.

I say that no anti-authoritarian uses the same definition as Engels and the cycle continues.

That is because Engels is a dialectical materialist and convinced that definitions grounded in dialectical materialism are superior- his problem is that anarchists are being idealist in their definition, and that they should embrace a more coherent definition of it.

Just admit that you don’t want to consider anarchist perspectives.

I spent a couple years reading anarchist literature, and turned to reading marxist lit when the anarchists started giving unsatisfactory explanations.

This might be your pipeline. But I would suggest avoiding wasting time on YouTube.

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Mfw someone trying to argue that their ideology is better doesn't understand their own ideology, or the idealist/dialectical materialist split, lmao


Press Statement by Spokesman for DPRK Ministry of National Defence Pyongyang, December 2 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Ministry of National Defence of the DPRK released the following press statement "Any attack on space asset of the DPRK will be deemed declaration of war against it" on Saturday:

The brigandish nature of the U.S., which regards it as its main lever for realizing its hegemonic wild ambition to commit outrageous and unlawful military intervention against sovereign countries, has been brought to light more clearly, occasioned by the DPRK's reconnaissance satellite launch.

An official concerned of the U.S. Space Command recently spouted rubbish hinting at a military attack on the DPRK's reconnaissance satellite, saying that the U.S. can decrease the enemy country's outer space operation capabilities by employing diverse "reversible and irreversible methods".

American military affairs experts comment that the U.S. Space Force can physically destroy not only opponent's satellite and satellite earth station but also get rid of enemy state's space force through jamming and virus-using cyber attack.

The U.S. Space Force's deplorable hostility toward the DPRK's reconnaissance satellite can never be overlooked as it is just a challenge to the sovereignty of the DPRK, and more exactly, a declaration war against it.

Article 8 of the "Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space, including the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies", the main international outer space treaty, stipulates that any object launched into outer space definitely falls under the jurisdiction of the launcher state and the ownership of it never changes no matter it remains in outer space or returned to the earth.

This means that the reconnaissance satellite "Malligyong-1" is a part of the territory of the DPRK where its sovereignty is exercised.

Furthermore, reconnaissance satellite is not regarded as a space weapon by international law for its technical features aimed at observation.

If the reconnaissance satellite of the DPRK is regarded by the U.S. as a "military threat" that must be gotten rid of, countless spy satellites of the U.S. flying above the Korean peninsula region every day, exclusively tasked with monitoring the major strategic spots of the DPRK, should be deemed the primary targets to be destroyed by the armed forces of the DPRK.

By openly unveiling its aggression scheme to mount a military attack on a space asset of other sovereign country, a part of its properties and territory, the U.S. has proved itself its true colors as the chief culprit of evils seeking to realize its wild ambition for dominating the world by turning outer space, common wealth of humankind, into a theater of war.

It is the mission of the armed forces of the DPRK, specified by its constitution and other laws, to exercise their war deterrent to protect the state sovereignty and territorial integrity in case a lethal military attack is carried out against the country's strategic assets or it is judged that such attack is imminent.

In case the U.S. tries to violate the legitimate territory of a sovereign state by weaponizing the latest technologies illegally and unjustly, the DPRK will consider taking responsive action measures for self-defence to undermine or destroy the viability of the U.S. spy satellites by exercising its legitimate rights vested by international and domestic laws. -0- www.kcna.kp (Juche112.12.2.)


Some U.S. officials are frustrated at the pace of Ukraine’s counteroffensive, which has gained less than 100 square miles of territory.


Some U.S. officials are frustrated at the pace of Ukraine’s counteroffensive, which has gained less than 100 square miles of territory.

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