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Or we just let them build their castle in a bog

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Why isn’t remain ignorant working?!?!?!?!?

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Just slap dewormer on the bottle and call it a day

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Deep fried means submerged in oil

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I will never not laugh at combining trans and parent as transparent.

I don’t even know why, it’s not even a good pun

But it’s like when Timmy wished for Super Vision

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Did I stutter?

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There’s a few cases of plague every year, we just treat it with antibiotics and go about our day

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The fuck we didn’t, that’s why perjury is a thing.

It’s just not illegal to lie to people

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Damn! I was going for a lighthearted joke about how women go to the bathroom together, but damn howdy did it fail

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Save the cheerleader!

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I’ve heard the same shit for years.

I’ll hear it in 4 more years when instead of actually giving us healthcare we are sending billions for Israel to kill Palestinian children and that generic republican president will make a full dictatorship day 1 and the whole country is doomed and blah blah blah.

Get a new script

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Nah I’m going to go ahead and keep up the bitching and moaning because it is the only halfway decent chance I have at getting a president who actually cares about the things I do

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