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After looking more closely at precedent and the constitutional outlining, it looks like the list of qualifications for Congress et al are considered exhaustive and require a constitutional amendment to add any further restrictions. Take a look at the decision in U. S. Term Limits Inc V Thornton, which came to the conclusion that states cannot impose qualifications on federal congressional candidates and that a states people's have the right to deny them at election time if they so choose. So I concede. It's a good idea, but the system makes it difficult to implement. Unless another FDR style tragedy happens in office and then some big national tragedy happens, I really don't see a way to get this passed.

But for state government, the term limits could be passed. Idk how beneficial that really is, but 🤷‍♂️

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A president is not a congressman.

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I don't see why not? I can't run for president at 31. Additionally, it is up to each state to define how its elections are held, and that's delineated in the constitution as well.

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Bacon Flavored Dirt sounds like a product some scummy Kick streamer would try and peddle to his viewers.

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It's all IP baby. They think we are the unwashed masses with no taste or critical thinking and just consume whatever they excrete.

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Manipulate them basically. Essentially weaponize the shift that conservatives have when they are personally affected by something. Think McCain turning around on gay marriage because his kid was gay or whatever.

If trump and maga can manipulate using emotion because these people only use emotional reasoning, surely a competent person can weaponize other grievances in the opposite direction.

Just make them more mad about something else that we can all agree on.

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I don't know what you are arguing. You can have a bias towards reality. Some have a bias towards centrism, even when one side has lost its mind. My original comment was to an idiot claiming that lgbtq wasn't news because it has a bias.

My point was that everything has a bias in some way, even a bias towards truth or whatever. It's still a bias. Lgbtq nation simply tells you what the bias is explicitly. Which is good. I'd rather they be upfront so I can find news not filled with right wing anti gay screed.

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I say, we damn up all of the arctic circle, propagate Azolla there, kill it off and sink it every season. Nature did it once! We can do it again!

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Eh, the only other places in the solar system that could have life get the heat from tidal forces. I don't think they will miss a bit of solar energy.

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You cannot logic someone out of a position that they didn't use logic to get to.

Only two options really, play on their emotional reasoning to make them feel the victim of their own beliefs, or you know, make their physical safety in question.

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You are agreeing with what he just said. It's a social contract. Those who break the social contract, pedophiles, fascists, et al, are not protected by the social contract.

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