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I hope there is another option besides just deleting images indiscriminately. I run several comic strip communities and it would be a shame to lose all the posts and work I've put in.

What about implementing Imgur or something similar, assuming they scan for CSAM on their end. For example I often use the Lemmy iOS app and I noticed that all my image uploads using the app are through Imgur.

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“took a bat with a Bible duct-taped to it” I really want this as a weapon in Dead Rising.

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TLDR: This happened in 2021. Pilot had coke and marijuana in their system from “recent use” and it’s suggested that this impaired their piloting. Best as I can tell, as the article is vague on detail, they hit power lines coming in for landing which separated the balloon from the basket and they crashed onto a street intersection. No indication the basket was hit by any vehicles after crashing.

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Well said @sunaurus and agreed.

On a side note, obviously we can block users and communities individually, but I wish Lemmy let us do that for instances as well. Giving each person the power to block anything makes more sense to me, than forcing instance owners to deal with this.

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Cancelled mine and deleted my account.

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Yeah that added the cherry to an already horribly cringe worth "apology" video.

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I haven't found anything else that is directly comparable, most other channels I follow/enjoy are more specific on topics and/or technical. In no particular order, here are the channels that I'm currently subbed to that are tech/PC/Mac/gaming related...

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We need this very much.

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Adobe Suite. As much as I loathe Adobe, as a graphic designer there is no way to bypass them.

Affinity is making some headway on individual apps and there are a few others, but as a whole suite it just can’t be beat.

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