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"Lose the mustache or lose the election"

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But it's not the circuits who decide where they host one, so there was a conscious decision to help Spa?

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Spa is a weird choice.

I think Miami and Qatar sprints are probably the most devisive ones, yet they're here on the calendar once again.

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You're right, even if they collaborate qith Haas next season as reported that wouldnt be much different to their McLaren relationship.


Further suggestions from Formula.hu claim Toyota perhaps could seek to build their own engine in the future.

That would be the rumored return. But it's not from a reliable source.


Features are hidden, following recent example from other artists who hid feature credits for the first sale week.

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This seems to be bridging the Wandavision sitcom style, a cop show for episode 1 (?) and a dark halloweeny horror show. I hope they make that work. Looks good though from the teaser!

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Tsunoda is experienced and has proven to be consistent at RB. Ricciardo is only the first of those two.

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This is the US, minors posting themselves would also lead to arrests.

(And the actual platform with a reputation for minors selling their nudes would be Snapchat)

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The article explains it in one case, an adult woman verified the account and then they posted a minor's videos on it instead.

But the article also said that they only know about 30 cases in 5 years in the US. Which doesn't sound like a huge amount to me personally (still too many obviously)

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Diaz set up an account and had a woman verify it as hers. That woman, whom police didn’t identify, later quit OnlyFans. But her account remained live and accessible to Diaz. He filled it with videos of the underage girl

That's really not easy to catch, no matter what platform you are. Some people will do complicated shit to evade the eyes of the law for their illicit activities.

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ThAI, it's in the name

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"It is being reported".. yeah still only rumours, and the suggested report below that one is that Putin died lol

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Alpine still managed to retire


Other side of the poster with Sue & Ben:

Poster showing silhouettes of Ben Grimm & Sue Storm

Seems to be a new logo for the movie and for the Future Foundation


Helmut Marko:

"The shareholders have made it known that it is a junior team and we have to act accordingly. The goal was that [Daniel Ricciardo] would be considered for Red Bull Racing with exceptional performances. That seat now belongs to Sergio Perez, so that plan is no longer valid."

"We have to put a young driver in there soon. That would be Liam Lawson."


[Josh Sutill] Ollie Bearman and Theo Pourchaire are both F4 champions, almost won F3 title as rookies and both won in rookie F2 year as 17 y/o. One is (rightly) destined for F1, the other is shunned by F1 + deemed not good enough to have his IndyCar contract respected despite performing well?

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