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Link didn't work for me. Here's the YT one: https://youtube.com/watch?v=TJYOkZz6Dck

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That's not ironic in the slightest. Take a pellet gun. Buff it, it's a real gun. Nerf it, it's a BB gun, or a Nerf gun.

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An English equivalent would be something like "Corporal Mittens".

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Duh. But they will, because not having food or shelter sucks.

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Oh no, does Her Eminence suffer from Resting Grump Face!?

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Not until surgeons were done.

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Dear (my) god, you folks are irrational. If someone acts a certain way, judge them for it! But judging anyone with faith just because you don't believe in that!? I can't prove God exists any more than you can prove they don't. If a religious person acts kind, fair, and rational, you shouldn't have anything against them, should you? But this post isn't about American right-wingers, or extremist Islamic Muslims, is it? It's about anyone who has any faith at all, just because you don't believe the same thing. Caring Christians literally building homes for people internationally, Sikhs feeding anyone, no matter their beliefs...

I know I'm going to get downvoted for this, but that's literally small-minded.

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Everything conservatives do is out of fear, greed, or hate.

Reminder that a national popularity poll means jack-shit with the Electoral College. Vote like your democracy depends on it...

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Well, I wasted my wish, but thank you.

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Wasn't your original point that they use real guns so the guns... look real?

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It was the dumbest, lowest-hanging joke. I am so proud...


Not sure if this is allowed, so feel free to remove:

My new favorite "fuck around" activity is to employ "gig phantoms". I summon a friendly phantom, then wave and run toward a dog or easy enemy. I point toward it, at which point they dispatch it! I then emote Joy, or Jump for joy, drop the Thank You carving, leave them 1 Ember, then send them home. If you haven't tried it, it's absolutely hilarious...

WTF is a risa!? (feddit.nl)
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Hello. It's hugely annoying to look at "community information" and find just an in-joke that won't make sense to most people, and no explanation of what this community is about. I'm sure that's fine for those already initiated, but I still don't know what "risa" means!

Don't worry, I also know you don't care that outsiders are kept out-of-the-loop and maybe even want to keep them out...? Well, that's fine; it's your community, but just a reminder that the casual browser will probably filter this community after several spammed posts that don't even clarify where their interests lie...

EDIT: Don't worry, I'm gone, and I've turned off reply notifications... I have even watched Star Trek! But don't fret, your caustic and hostile replies have ensured you're safe from the curiosity of myself and others, they won't bother you any more! Enjoy your gatekeeping...

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