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...I know? Believe it or not I'm aware of those decades and their aesthetics, I didn't need you to condescendingly explain that to me. I was just saying that it was my first instinct, especially since some do resemble pride flags.

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I was trying to read those stripes a pride flags, but I'm guessing by the creator that's unlikely

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I thought of the name Emily randomly one day in high school. It felt important, although I didn't know why, so I filed it away in my brain somewhere. Three years later I suddenly figured out why 😅. As a fun fact, it turns out that Emily was the name my parents would have given me had I been a girl, so I'm gonna call it fate.

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Do you have a data feed to pull from, or some kind of list of matches? It shouldn't be too hard to use a simple python script to parse a file and post automatically on a schedule. I maintain a repo that doesn't exactly match your use case, but I could maybe add your functionality depending on complexity

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Cat looking down on you

Here's my favourite picture of her.


Her name is Cherie and she'll be 15 in a couple months. She is the sweetest and chillest cat I've ever met. She loves strangers, cuddles, and especially headbutts. Her previous owners clearly loved her, and I hope I can live up to their standard

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Lol it was 85% confident I was "female"

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Yeah see, I don't think you get it. First of all the term has existed across multiple generations at this point, and really only unifies discussions of hegemonic masculinity that have spanned far longer.

Secondly, and more importantly, toxic masculinity has nothing to do with the "basis of gender", unless of course you're claiming that these traits are inherent to males, in which case I suggest you start with "The Second Sex" and work your way up to a real conversation. To put it simply for you, toxic masculinity is just a term used to encompass certain behaviours, and (more importantly) how they are taught and reinforced. It's obviously more complex than that, I haven't even mentioned the study of how the rigid enforcement of these behaviours can negatively affect men, but I suggest you learn from a book instead of random women on Lemmy.

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Just because you don't understand academic terminology doesn't mean it is a buzzword

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Bundaberg Spiced Ginger Beer

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I read "Brainwyrms" after seeing Abigail mention it in the latest Philosophy Tube video. Turns out the book is absolutely fucked, far more extreme horror than I'm used to. I think I liked it (maybe?), though I was disgusted and uncomfortable the entire time I read it and was noticeably more spiral-y for days afterwards. Thoroughly unrecommendable, anyone you suggest it to would think you were born with a dick in your brain.

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Sorry if this is a dumb suggestion, but have you considered writing out what you want to say on a note and handing it to them? Coming out is hard, mine involved me blurting at my mother, flashing her, and running off. I guess I'm saying it doesn't have to be perfect, as long as you do it when you feel ready.

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I think the Rabbit R1 is an underbaked and dumb product. That said, Rabbit would have had to have had a few too many kicks to the head if they seriously considered not just running Android under the hood. Android is open source, and there is no good reason to not utilize the hundreds of millions of dollars that Google has already poured into developing mature a mature operating system with all the drivers and frameworks they need.


Credit for the art goes to my friend Mason

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