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Read the article if you haven't already. It's much more horrific than one would think.

And if that bloodbath wasn't enough, just hours later, at dusk, soldiers burst into the Jenin home of Wafa, a 51-year-old social activist who had never been arrested before, ransacked the house and took her with them when they left. She remained in their jeep, bound, for about four hours. Then, as the vehicle started to move out toward their base, it exploded (apparently after a device was thrown at it), leaving the woman seriously wounded; both legs were subsequently amputated above the knee. She is hospitalized in serious condition in Jenin's Ibn Sina Hospital, ventilated and barely responsive.

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That's actually insane. Holy shit. I am not surprised that the fact that they do this. What is shocking is the shamelessness; they don't even try to hide their war crimes.

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Thank you for sharing your sources. There is quite a lot to unpack, so it will be some time before I can read and assess them all thoroughly.

One thing that has stuck out to me like a sore thumb was the article concerning the report from the Egyptian media delegates visiting Xinjang. The the Egyptian government is a corrupt dictatorship that is brutally oppressive towards the Egyptian people, the most recent iteration having come to power by overthrowing its first democratically elected leader via coup de d'état. They are traitors to Muslims and are antithetical to the Palestinian cause, so anything that comes from that wretched goverment or its tightly controlled media should be given almost the same level of scrutinty as any coming from Israel. The same also applies for Syria.

In some of the articles mentioning the Ughyur terrorists/extremists, the Ughyur themselves are claiming to have been radicalized by religious repression. I wonder why they feel that way.

Many of your other sources do seem credible, and the claims against Human Rights Watch are both damning and explain some of the bullshitry that has been coming from them since October. The twitter posts you linked also seem credible in that they are combating some very egregious cases of misinformation--a staple of the online age.

These are just my thoughts so far, should I remember, I'll get back to you later. Once again, thank you for sharing your sources.

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The sources include American funded orgs who can’t be trusted to tell you the colour of the sky and who are currently engaged in an active and ongoing, actual, real genocide.

The sources include western sources, but they are not limited to. Also, I have seen similar arguments when people would try to downplay Israel's atrocities towards Palestinians. Both on the source front (Qatar-run Al Jazeera) and on the semantics of both the usage and meaning of genocide.

No. There are no internment camps. The UN didn’t even claim this. There were schools were people were trained and educated because that’s the best response to the American terrorist ideologies they’d been propagandised with. It has been the most successful anti-terrorism programme in recorded history.

Right right, "Re-education" camps. Making callbacks both to what the US did to the Japanese (and other Asians) back in 1942 and the War on Terror starting from 2001. No similarities here! Not. A. Single. One.

Adrian Zenz

Zenz is not the first one to introduce the idea that the Uyghurs are being oppressed, nor does his character have an impact on what is and isn't real. With that said, what I see against Adrian Zenz is very reminiscent of the smear campaigns against academics/activists/spoke-persons that are at odds, oppose, or threaten the entity in power. The purpose of which is to discredit the person in question so that people look past what they say and the evidence they present.

I’m not going to bother reading Jones’ tripe. I’m very familiar with his poison. I am sure you are.

I have a lot more information if you’re interested?

Please do. Send me yours, and I will send you mine. Seeing widespread denial of the oppression against Uyghurs by leftists is actually quite a shock to me, so I am interested in what is being said, what is being presented. I am going to be brutally honest though, from what I have read and watched thus far, from you, from others, I am seeing Americans just by a different name. Whether it be denial or justification, the beats are all the same.

April 19, 2021: “Break Their Lineage, Break Their Roots”- China’s Crimes against Humanity Targeting Uyghurs and Other Turkic Muslims

May 14 2021: The faux anti-imperialism of denying anti-Uighur atrocities

May 24 2022: Xinjiang leak reveals extent of Chinese abuses in Uighur camps

September 1 2022: Potential ‘crimes against humanity’ in China’s Xinjiang, UN says

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Still no sources.

. . . propaganda such as the now thoroughly discredited “Uighur Genocide" Is it now?

So the internment camps don't exist? Children being forcibly separated from their parents to be sent to boarding schools, arbitrary detentions, mosques being stripped of cultural architecture of not outright destoyed, none of these exist?

This article and all its sources covering the atrocities against Ughyur women is fake too?

The refugees I have met, they must have all been liars too--not even an ounce of truth.

Get the fuck out of here. Just because someone is an enemy of an enemy, that does not make them a friend. United States, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Iran, China. . . they are all run by tyrants; they are all oppressors; they are all corrupt.

He attacked Jeremy Corbyn with all the right wing a while back.

Are you talking about this?

If someone does not have unwavering unconditional support and backing for another, that makes them not-principled?

Hmm. . .

What you should know about China’s minority Uighurs

China's Concentration Camps For Uyghurs: In China's Own Words

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Do you have any sources to back that claim up? A lot of his recent journalism heavily points in the opposite direction.

From the start of this conflict, he has been heavily covering this conflict and Israel's atrocities and condemning Israel and all those complicit in facilitating this genocide. He has played an insturmental part in informing a sizeable audience of this genocide. I may not agree with all his stances, but that is no reasoj to decry him, especially when he has given me no reason not to believe and all the reason to believe that he is genuinely full of what we commonly refer to as "humanity".

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Political activist, Owen Jones made a video covering this article along with others covering Israeli atrocities and crimes against humanity including sexual assault and arbitrary executions.

It is shocking that CNN would even release this article given its history of bias amounting to journalistic malpractice. It just goes to show that Israelis have become so emboldened in committing the atrocities they commit that they do not even try to hide it to the point that it is impossible to ignore or overlook. Killing, torturing, and raping the Palestinians or even anyone that is not a Zionist Israeli/Jew/Hewbrew/Whatever-the-fuck-they-call-themselves has been engraved into the psyche of the Israeli public as being fine, a non-issue, a necessity even. To them, all this, all that has transpired for the past century since their ancestors migrated to this tiny spot of land and started oppressing, terrorizing, murdering, bombing, torturing, raping, pillaging the native peoples has all been nothing but a common occurrence.

In their cowardice, they refuse to acknowledge the weight of their sins, and in their arrogance, they justify them. Is there really anything even left to say that has not already been said time and time again? The only thing that is left for me to express repeatedly is disgust. I am disgusted by these people. I am disgusted by their history. I am disgusted by their ideology. I am disgusted by their psyche. I am disgusted by their action. I am disgusted by their oppression. I am disgusted by their appropriation. I am disgusted by their everything. Ironic that it is Israel that made me understand on an empathetical level not just the intense hatred of the Nazis, nor just the people in power nor just those doing their bidding, but of Nazi society as a whole.

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That is actually insane, holy shit.

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An excerpt:

On Dec. 4, Abu Khalil Habeib was at home with much of his extended family when Israeli troops invaded the neighborhood under cover of heavy artillery shelling. Among more than 90 relatives sheltering with him were the family of his brother, Hamdan, who had been displaced from the Al-Sha’af neighborhood.

“We all evacuated from the house, but after a few meters, Hamdan stopped and said to me, ‘I need to go back to get milk for my daughter because there’s none in the markets,’” Habeib recounted. Tragically, this decision was fatal: “He went back home, and we haven’t seen him since.” Amid the chaos of the army’s invasion into Shuja’iya, the rest of the family continued on their journey. “We carried on walking until we reached the shelters in Al-Rimal [another neighborhood nearby]. We waited for hours, but [Hamdan] didn’t come,” Habeib continued. “We tried to contact him, but there was no phone service. By then, we anticipated that something bad had happened to him.”

The family lived with the painful void of Hamdan’s absence for two months, only to return home after the withdrawal of the army and make a heart-wrenching discovery. “We found Hamdan’s body in the middle of the street, appearing as if something had crushed it,” Habeib recalled, tears welling in his eyes. “An Israeli tank had run over his body, pulling his bones apart from his flesh.”

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