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I believe emoji was a Japanese creation, not a Apple creation: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emoji

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I'm glad to support lemme.ee (even though it's a small monthly contribution) and thank you sunaurus for maintaining the instance and cheers to our community!

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I'm 40 now (married and have a son). My younger family members in their late 20s are having such a hard time with dating that they're opting in for arranged marriage (which is common for Southeast Asians).

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I have a small setup for some self hosted apps and media.

  • Beelink Mini S.
  • 2 external 5TB drives.
  • A USB fan used as an exhaust because the SSD inside gets a bit warm.

I think total power is about 30W.

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I use Deezer's family plan that includes FLAC/HiFi for $15.99/month.

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Are you saying Deemix only downloads at 128kbps? If so, I've been using it as well and download in FLAC. Also, I pay for the family plan which is $15.99/month.

Edit: Ah, I'm guessing you're not on a paid Deezer plan.

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Thank you, friend. You've convinced me to restart my phone.

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Good call. For the commenter above: https://archive.ph/nVy4s

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Whenever I hit paywalled articles, I have Gemini summarize it for me. Here's what I got:

This is an article about a flaw in a password manager. It discusses a man named Michael who lost access to his bitcoin wallet. The password manager he used generated a weak password. Researchers were able to crack the password because of this weakness. They used the date and time the password was created to guess it. Michael was able to recover his bitcoin wallet.

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The last panel is so great!

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I have a 4 year old son and I absolutely love taking him to have some ice cream (he loves Yogurtland). The excitement and smile on his face when he gets a treat he likes is the thing I will think about most when I'm on my death bed. It wasn't the new car or the promotion that will cross my mind, it will be about spending time with him and doing things which make him the most happy.

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