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My wife is Asian and we live in the UK. Quite often when we meet people who instead of simply asking "what sort of job do you do" they ask things like "Do you work in the NHS", "Are you a nurse", "Do you work in a care home".

Some random person outside a shop asked me how much my Asian bride costs.

My wife and son were getting off a bus and somebody asked her how much would she sell her son for.

Probably a bunch more but that's all that comes to mind atm.

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Swamy, Slippy, Slappy, Swenson

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Like Mary Swanson

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And there's only a 50% chance of that.

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Flashing lights. I have to try that now.

Years ago me and my sister walked through our newly built town centre together. They had installed bright white stone on the ground and both of us couldn't stop sneezing (sunny day, stone reflects sun back up). It's not as shiny now it's not new but I hate walking through that area to this day.

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Same for me. If I feel a sneeze coming on I look at a bright light to hurry it up. I thought this was normal but appetite isn't.

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I got exactly the same. Firefox on android and in the UK. Perhaps it's regional.

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I just searched the same words and got the same text.

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Fat and stupid.

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I'm curious, why are you putting the £ symbol after the number and not before?

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Yeah that's exactly it. Sometimes I don't want to do family stuff. My wife plans things like going to the beach which I really don't like but I keep thinking about the memories both me and my son will get. My dad hardly did anything with me, I want to make sure I'm giving my son good memories.

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After my son was born I would get up in the morning, usually before he and wife were awake, go to work. When I got home from work I would be lucky to see him for an hour before my wife put him to bed. Hardly ever saw him.

Then the pandemic happened, he just turned two at the time. I was then told to work from home. It was brilliant. I got to spend so much time with my son. I still work from home now but he's at school these days.

The pandemic was not kind to a lot of people but for me personally I have great memories because of it.

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