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Remember that not everyone is from the same societies.

For instance my experiences have been largely like his. I didn't do bouncer work, but drove a taxi, and also knew strippers and escorts.

What's so bullshit about it?

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... hurt not to mention rug rash

... circumcised?

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However, willful ignorance is a different thing. I believe that most of society's ills are rooted in willful ignorance and its exploitation by the evil.

“Wisdom alone, is the good for man, ignorance the only evil” (Euthydemus 281d)

“There is, he said, only one good, that is, knowledge, and only one evil, that is, ignorance” (in Diogenes Laertius, II.31)

Personally I believe in the statement about "a spiritual disease needing a spiritual cure", but I'm not going for some spiritual mumbojumbo. If we take the spiritual disease to be some sort of block in your empathic abilities, however conscious or unconscious, and then we look at some of the most recent studies on empathogens (MDMA, LSD, psilocybin, etc), it wouldn't be unreasonable to suggest that the "spiritual cure" might be something as simple as MDMA/psychedelic-assisted therapy.

Maybe we could call looking into this something like "Project Pretty-obvious-when-you-think-about-it "

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I'm of the opinion that we defined it several thousand years ago, in some form at least.


Belangia helpfully adds: “A-gnoia means literally ‘not-knowing’; a-mathia means literally ‘not-learning.’ In addition to the type of amathia that is an inability to learn, there is another form that is an unwillingness to learn. … Robert Musii in an essay called On Stupidity, distinguished between two forms of stupidity, one he called ‘an honorable kind’ due to a lack of natural ability and another, much more sinister kind, that he called ‘intelligent stupidity.'”

Belangia also quotes Glenn Hughes, from an essay entitled “Voegelin’s Use of Musil’s Concept of Intelligent Stupidity in Hitler and the Germans,” providing a further elucidation of the concept of amathia (italics in the original):

“The higher, pretentious form of stupidity stands only too often in crass opposition to [its] honorable form. It is not so much lack of intelligence as failure of intelligence, for the reason that it presumes to accomplishments to which it has no right … The stupidity this addresses is no mental illness, yet it is most lethal; a dangerous disease of the mind that endangers life itself. … [S]ince the ‘higher stupidity’ consists not in an inability to understand but in a refusal to understand, any healing or reversal of it will not occur through rational argumentation, through a greater accumulation of data and knowledge, or through experiencing new and different feelings … We may say that the reversal of a spiritual sickness must entail a spiritual cure.”

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Leaded gasoline calculation to have stolen over 800 million cumulative IQ points since 1940s

A new study calculates that exposure to car exhaust from leaded gas during childhood stole a collective 824 million IQ points from more than 170 million Americans alive today, about half the population of the United States.

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Boot leather for breakfast, interesting choice.

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Well my non-circumsized penis hangs out in my left pant leg and even without underwear, I've never had chaffing as an issue.

Have you? Have you even an uncircumsized dick? Because, how would you know if you don't?

The only time that's been even slightly an issue is when putting on pants without underwear just after sex, putting on jeans without underwear and while the foreskin was behind the glans and not on it. Which is when I'll just grab my junk, roll the hood back down to cover most of the glans and then no chaffing.

And if you don't put your dick in your leg, where else would you?

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Guess someone stole a part of your genitalia meant to protect a more sensitive part.

Who would've guessed that mutilating children's genitals can be harmful? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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During WWII, bombing civilians wasn't yet a war crime, but still frowned upon (Roosevelt wrote an appeal to stop it in September 1939 "Appeal to Great Britain, France, Italy, Germany, and Poland to Refrain from Air Bombing of Civilians").

It has been a war crime for ~80 years now, so no, Israel doesn't have an excuse. Especially since directly bombing civilians wasn't something generally practiced by the allies, with exceptions like Dresden, which while being for terrorising citizens, was also because of how important Dresden was for German infra.

Israel is indiscriminately bombing help convoys, hospitals, schools and everything with the guise of being at war with a vaguely defined terrorist organisation and not even the country they're bombing, per se.

At some point in past decades, the world decided that terrorizing civilians was off the board. Maybe it's because we can see the results with our own eyes?

People have been arguing against that since as long as wars have existed basically, but definitely after WWI and certainly after WWII when it was codified.

It's rather interesting, really.


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They fucking love meatballs, the scavenger birds that they are.

I have the local crows as my friends. Just shared a pastry with them while coming home. They often fly besides me when I'm coming from the store to see whether I have anything for them.

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It's not "what about Europe", it's "here's a study from a very credible university looking at 130 different studies from all around the world, oh and here's another from another credible university, looking at all the objective information we have on the issue"

I'm not making an argument. The studies are.





Yeah no, I care about children being massacred, and willfully ignorant people like you are the thing that's making life less safe for children in your country. Just like I care about the genocide in Palestine and other threats to basic human rights, I care about the children in your country, and honestly, it's really weird that you've been brainwashed so badly that you don't, since caring for children is a very primordial instinct.

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