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I like to think her and LoBo the Clown have the same job; make the other one look sane. Both are failing.

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He also wrote "...All You Zombies" which is about a transman; "Tunnel In The Sky" with an African woman hero; "The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress" which is considered a Libertarian classic: and "Stranger In A Strange Land" which is considered a counter-culture classic and about a hundred other books with different themes.

More like, he had a wide ranging mind and could handle several ideas at once without bowing down to any.

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[off topic]

Gaiman stole all his best stuff from underrated author Tanith Lee.

"Night's Master" is the first of her Flat Earth series. A demon king spends his days in his magnificent palace and his nights seducing and/or terrorizing the humans.

"Death's Master" continues the story. Death reluctantly takes a bride, and is forced to destroy a city of immortals.

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He got as far as East Germany, according to the reports I've read.

actual documentary footage of East German spy training facility


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Yesh? So explain en passant ya filthy animal!!

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Funny thing. If I write about robert A. Heinlein, people here call him a fascist.

In "Revolt In 2100" Heinlein wrote about America becoming a fascist state under a religious leader.

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I'm sure her biggest donors have never actually set foot in her district. At least one has never been west of Finland.

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That's literally your job as a member of Congress, to be available to the people in your district.

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