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My husband shaved his beard when I was napping one day and came to wake me up. I had no idea who he was.

Just go home. (lemmy.world)
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So nobody looks at him and says hey let me just Google this guy.

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Let's have a five minute daily meditation and a coupon for coffee! That'll surely help the drain on morale.

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That's so sad. Facebook and the like are the devil for creating those echo chambers.

Imagine hurting someone for living their life. How do they lives with themselves?

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BPD actually. They're just as difficult.

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She has BPD so yes. And no I think she genuinely believes it, I really do, just not for her child. She's not one to fake that to her small credit

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Well some of them definitely aren't. My friend I mentioned and I go to a very affirming church and he is beloved as well as our other gay and trans congregation. Nobody would dream of being anything else.

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It's so stupid. A local church which was kind of a hip young church recently announced they were not LGBT affirming and were really nasty about it,, and like two thirds of their congregation left as a result. Even modern Christians don't approve of this anymore.

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I have the greatest friend whom I ADORE who is a gay guy whose family is religious. I asked him how he got along with his mom, and he said he loves her very much and they have great laughs together, but she also tells him that gay people are going to hell on a routine basis. He and I agreed that I would be his adopted mom going forward and that he didn't need to ever feel like she was right for one moment.

Imagine saying something like this to your own kid. Imagine letting your religion be more important than your relationship with your kid. Whatever you might feel about your faith, you should have the brains God gave you that tell you you can't change anybody and that you should love them as is, and keep your damn delusions to yourself at very least. Why would you ruin your relationship with your beloved child over them loving someone?

I grew up with a gay sibling in totally the opposite environment yet in the end just as toxic; we were raised to be extremely progressive, accept LGBT people as is and love them (and I am 50 so the fact we even discussed trans people back then is nothing short of miraculous because it was so taboo), and despite being Catholic we were also super pro choice. Yet my mother literally became psychotic because of my brother being gay, despite family members kindly and gently telling her all along to accept it, when it came to HER child it was unacceptable because she thought it reflected badly on her, and she was so obsessed with us being perfect that she did everything she could to force him to conceal it, including making him bring a beard to my wedding. Finally he grew a bit of a spine and got into a relationship with a guy, and despite her histrionics has continued. Now she's obsessed with trying to make them get married, because she wants her friends to give them gifts to pay her back for all the wedding gifts she has given.

Not to trauma dump, but just wanted to point out that it can be difficult even for supposedly accepting families to really honestly support their LGBT children.

Anyway, do your part for LGBT folks. I myself just joined Stand In Pride, which is an organization where allies befriend LGBT people whose family has rejected them, and are available to be chosen family for weddings or whatever. Go to Pride, give out free mom hugs, step in as chosen family for them, whatever you can do. This world is really terrible to gay people no matter what progress we've made.

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Homophobes at Pride events wave a sign that says GAY= Got AIDS yet?

All conservatives are trash.

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Samesies. (lemmy.world)
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