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Abstract (emphasis mine):

The concept of a 'Ballmer Peak' was first proposed in 2007, postulating that there exists a very specific blood alcohol content which confers superhuman programming ability. More generally, there is a commonly held belief among software engineers that coding is easier and more productive after a few drinks. Using the industry standard for assessment of coding ability, we conducted a search for such a peak and more generally investigated the effect of different amounts of alcohol on performance. We conclusively refute the existence of a specific peak with large magnitude, but with p < 0.001 find that there was a significant positive effect to a low amount of alcohol - slightly less than two drinks - on programming ability.

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... I am 100% certain that if they switched to being individually wrapped tomorrow, a complaint about excessive packaging would be one of the top posts here.

You're undeniably right. The best situation would be to not have any wrapping at all... but with the crumb situation, that'd be another top post here :/

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I was in a rush and I needed to pick up a quick snack that I could eat during class. I chose these Nature Valley bars which said they had ten bars inside. What I failed to notice is the tiny print at the bottom where it says 5 x 2, i.e., 5 packets with two bars.

Lo and behold when I open a pack during a break, I find two bars inside. I didn't want to eat two bars, just one. You can't even just leave the other fucking bar inside because they create so MANY crumbs. How the fuck are you supposed to seal it???

Stupid-ass deceptive printing got the better of me. It's not the end of the world, just mildly infuriating.

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This (possibly last) GIMP 2 stable release brings much-requested backports from GTK3, including improved support for tablets on Windows. A number of bug fixes and minor improvements are also included in this release.

If the release says that this is possibly the last GIMP2 stable release, it feels like GIMP3 is actually on its way. I understand your cynicism, but I'd be more optimistic this time around.

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Tom Scott: Britain's largest battery is actually a lake

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In dark mode, the anchor tags are difficult to read. They're dark blue on a dark background. Perhaps consider something with a much higher contrast?

A picture of a website with a dark purple background and dark blue links.

Apart from that, nice idea - I'm going to deploy the zipbomb today!

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You can use add-ons in Firefox for Android. Not sure what version you're running (I'm on 125.2.0) and I can use many extensions: should directly let you add or remove the extension.

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Surprised no one's mentioned HTTP Cats yet:

Personally, HTTP 405 (Method not allowed) is my favorite:

An image of former US president George Bush eating a cat. The text below the image reads, "405. Method Not Allowed"

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That's not a very valid argument.

First and foremost, most devs probably see it as a job and they do what they're told. They don't have the power to refute decisions coming from above.

Second, in this economy where jobs are scarer than a needle in multiple haystacks, people are desperate to get a job.

Third, yes, there may be some Microsoft (M$) fan-people who end up being devs at M$. Sure, they may willingly implement the things upper management may request. However, I'm not sure whether that's true for most of the people who work at M$.

Your comment suggests to shift the blame to the devs who implement the features that upper management request for. Don't shoot the (MSN) messenger.

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For anyone else who doesn't want to spend 10 seconds trying to imagine it.

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Probably most speeches by Conan O'Brien.

"Work hard, be kind, and amazing things will happen" at 23:09 in Conan O'Brien's 2011 Dartmouth College Commencement Address:

Conan Addresses The Harvard Class Of 2020:

Very riveting stuff.

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Looks cool and I'm glad something new has arrived after nitter.

A few things, however:

  1. It doesn't look like I can view comments on tweets; I can only view the tweet. (Firefox mobile if that matters)
  2. It's pretty slow. It's not a big problem, but it is very noticeable.
  3. Somewhat irrelevant, but why is it called TWStalker? It's a... bit of a weird name. 'Stalker' makes me feel like I'm doing something illegal even though I definitely am not.
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See Wendover Productions' most recent video, "The Increasing Reality of War in Space" (from around 7:54); they talk about SpaceX launching unknown satellites and not reporting it either.

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Upon going to the releases page, I clicked on the xpi file only to see an alert pop up in Firefox:

“The add-on downloaded from this site could not be installed because it appears to be corrupt.”

I… don’t know if this should be allowed. It just feels wrong.

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In about:config, I changed these preferences:

  • widget.non-native-theme.gtk.scrollbar.round-thumb: false - This makes the scrollbar not have rounded edges
  • widget.non-native-theme.gtk.scrollbar.thumb-size: 1 - This makes the scrollbar ‘chonkier’ within the scrollbar region
  • widget.non-native-theme.scrollbar.size.override: 20 - This increases the scrollbar region size. Larger number = wider scrollbar
  • Make sure widget.gtk.overlay-scrollbars.enabled is set to false - This should have been set to false when you enabled “Always show scrollbars”

On Windows, Firefox follows the system setting (System Settings > Accessibility > Visual Effects > Always show scrollbars).

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