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Quark is more of an inside track informant than an outright villain. While he often held to the Rules of Acquisition, he found himself going against the grain enough to be exiled.

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Just gonna throw this out there...

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I was always partial to Paul Reubens version of Pinocchio.

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While I don't doubt he (or Picard) could have bagged Cindy Crawford, you can tell they weren't in the same room based on lighting and shadows.

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He knew Ardra was a phony, but still passed up the opportunity.

That takes some restraint and willpower, as opposed to Will-power, cause we all know Riker would.

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Just scratching the surface.


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A prison for a Pah-wraith. Dukat spoke some kind of enchant, cracked it open, and was temporarily possessed.

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s6e26 "Tears of the Prophets"


Dialogue from the Perpetual Testing Initiative DLC in Portal 2

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Text is modified from a Borderlands respawn message.

Ye olde template


TNG s6e15 "Tapestry"

An upgraded comment meme with credit to [email protected] for asking if there were any episodes featuring a "Bizzaro Picard"


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For the curiosity of [email protected]


TIL, Shaxs' full name, according to the comic Star Trek: Day of Blood #1, is Shaxs Drazon. Also, Mr. Torgue from Borderlands is totally Shaxs' brother from another mother.

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