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I had to live for three years in frankanian and two more sufferable years in bavarian.

When beeing in thr south of Germany I only found friends in East-Germany or North-rhein-westphalia. I suppose to the North of my houses I would be fine too. But thr southern folks of Germany are following money and representation.

Everywhere else you do not have to be judged.

The South of Germany are also blind to Changes in my experience. I would never recommend any friend to go there. Instead check out the netherlands if your are left- or Poland if your are conservative-aligned and outside from yurop.

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Ah, siehste. Daran habe ich gar nicht gedacht. Ich hätte es nur so schön gefunden, wenn Lemmy als Suchergebnis via "gulli board" gefunden worden wäre. Bald Feierabend.

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Mir geht seit Tagen durch den Kopf: Warum hat gibt es eigentlich !gulli:[email protected] nicht?

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Thanks, @[email protected]. That sums up my options.


I seeked into the API in order to write a plugin for myself. In order to aid my workflow I need to listen to two keystrokes closely followed.

Apparently there are only hacks available. I want to fire-and-forget about my plugin as long as the API to command firefox stays consistent.

I did not attempt to write any code (and any JS code, honestly that is) yet. Simply because I did not get that requirement addressed by the official API /& documentation.

Recompiling firefox would be the least favorable option; But I would still be hooked if it would enable me to observe keystrokes on my own.

As an practical example: Pressing Shift two times in sequence and within 100 ms should enable me to eat the event.

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Pardon me but searching for "binding external (control) surface" does not result in any handle for me.

Either google or bing (& derivates) doesn't prompt any occurance of F24+. Would it be possible for you to share any search result from your matching results so that I can familiarize myself with the -to me unknown- topic, please?

Otherwise I appreciate trying to recall, Sir/Madame!


Apparently there is a F35 Key within xkbcommon.

I know about F1-24 where the upper level was accessible by holding down a modifier key; So how are keys beyond this issued via a keyboard (my keyboard is qwerty, de_DE if of interest)?

And... why the fuck was it a good idea to expand the function keys beyond 24?