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The issue is that Republicans and Trump supporters don't care if anyone calls for Trump to step down.


Paywall removed:

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He's an interview with him about the piece Mozz, you would probably like this

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Here's the author doing an interview about his piece:


No exact number was immediately confirmed, but the network reported that “dozens” of legislators are expected to come out against the president. Two sources told CBS that the planning is coordinated, with some of the statements pre-written. One insider added that the weekend could be “brutal” for Biden, and that it could be impossible for him to continue as the party’s presumptive nominee as early as next week.


For a “foreign policy expert” Joe doesn’t know that Japan and Korea weren’t happily together and then split up after WWII. Japan actually took Korea by military force in 1910 and made it their colony. They destroyed Korean cultural sites, enslaved their people, took their land and gave it to Japanese citizens. Nobody in Korea, North or South, wants to get together with Japan ever again. JFC Joe!

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Here's Secretaries Blinken, Austin and National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan when President Biden said, "Vice President Trump."

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Buddy, my mental and physical health already went out the window a long time ago. This is America!

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Yeah that was bad

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What does that even mean?!

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Oh there we go! The drugs kicked in. He's loud again.

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This man is not going to last another 4 years. This is just elder abuse at this point.

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Biden vows to press on after calling Harris ‘Vice President Trump’

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