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That took time and effort to make. I'm surprised at how well it's done! And hilarious!


Voyager s6e15 - Tsunkatse

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this hold "Muzak" is atrocious

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Same with me. They always make me laugh

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Spock's holodeck programs are weirder than I thought

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He would have to ask mother first

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Correct. I've never heard of Rom dealing with Biofilter cleaning, but if anyone had to do it on DS9, it likely would have been him I supposed.

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I thought that was Mariner and Boimler?

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Michael Sussman was instrumental in establishing which species founded the Federation. "My phone rings and Brannon [Braga] says, 'Mike, real quick - who are the founding species of the Federation?' What flipped through my mind," recalled Sussman, "was that it had never been established, but there had been a lot of fan speculation going back to 'Journey to Babel' that many of those races - the Tellarites, the Andorians and the little gold guys - were among the founding members. For that quarter of a second I'm thinking, 'What do I tell him? If I say it's never been decided he might make up a couple of new races and that might set certain people off'. So I basically lied to him and said 'Oh yeah, it's Andorians and Tellarites.' He put it in the script and now it's canon!" (Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection, issue 37, p. 15)

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I was liquid before it was cool.

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