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What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas

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From all we know, this was his exact sense of humor. But than again, what do we really know about him

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I'm so proud of Bylon that he got his own wikipedia article. All we know about him is this inscription, yet not the stone but the guy got an article. I wouldn't have expected the stone to have its own article either but maybe be an example on another article. But now that this exists, I hope someone will write one for Phola as well.

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Carl, that kills people

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This is quite common and has its reasons. Some scent particles are volatile and you have to breath them in fast otherwise they are gone. Others are inert and your slow nostril will have a change to catch them. So people who apparently only use one nostril actually smell better

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Are you talking about fruit flies or time flies?

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Bacteria: It's me! You lose!

Immune System: Fair enough, you defeated the human.

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You're on the right track. The possessive 's is missing which would make it the bowl of the dog (as intended). The way it is written, "bowl" could be a verb as in "have you seen the dogs when they bowl". Hope that makes sense and I'm a non native myself so not 100% sure myself

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Time flies like an arrow
Fruit flies like a banana

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Don't take away that the market didn't work right and needs fixing. It works as expected, serves first and foremost the ultra rich, and need to be destroyed. Markets only monitors demand, we need a necessity based economy

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For the sake of completeness: Allying with authoritarian socialists has never worked out well for anarchists either

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It starts sounding like a joke but the punchline is that it's real

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