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If it's funded by taxes, it should be owned by the public.

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Can't make jokes without getting deported from Australia?

Politics really is just a show for morons.

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She's still a great asset for progressives. I'm genuinely surprised that she's being criticized for not supporting Palestine enough, simply because I expected the exact opposite.

Still. Hold her accountable. Hold everyone accountable until we get direct voting.

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Really? She's not supportive enough of Palestine? I'm definitely out of the loop, but I kind of assumed this to be the opposite.

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I totally agree. That's not an easy shot to make, especially for someone who is not trained or experienced.

He came absurdly close to changing the course of history.


I'm downloading a fitgirl repack of Tekken 7. I looked up some footage cause I was excited, but it looked really slowed-down to me. Kind of like Smash 4.

I've only played Dark Resurrection for comparison. Are these just my eyes deceiving me, or is Tekken 7 really a slow game compared to DR?

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I'm not okay with this because it incentivizes companies and influencers to work together to lower people's standards.

People are proud to accept garbage these days.

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Valve is a multi-faceted company with its hands in many pies.

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I heard half life alyx was pretty good. I also heard rumors that they're making a TF2 successor. Also, didn't a new counter-strike just come out?

Still, you have a point. Artifact was a disgusting trend-chasing cashgrab. They still haven't commented on Half life 3, which is despicable behavior imo.

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wtf did the competitor do this whole time?

It's definitely a cultural problem. Companies like EA are completely clueless on the needs or desires of the average gamer. Their idea is to shape those needs and desires how they see fit. It's why they spend so much on advertising and viral marketing rather than making good products.

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You legitimately don't need a lot of employees to make a good product or have a successful company.

I genuinely believe a lot of the bloat in modern companies comes from hiring people just to hire them, not because they add any significant value to either the company or customers.

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I feel like these are the sorts of things that have paid off in spades for getting a generation to view mcdonald's as safe and fun.


The controller I'm using shuts off after about 5 minutes of idle time. I tried adjusting the value in Steam, but it doesn't have any effect.

Does anyone know where this value may be stored or how I can change it to be much longer?


I use it all the time and have for years. Just seems like a weird feature to lock behind about.config and say it's not supported while they still support things like Pocket.


So, apparently the chrome/geckodriver processes will terminate on their own if the user sends ctrl+c to the console. It will not terminate on its own if the program finishes running naturally.

If you're interested in terminating it on your own, like I also was, here is how I went about it.

use std::process::{Child, Command};

fn main() {
	let mut s = Server::default();

struct Server {
	child: Option<Child>

impl Default for Server {
	fn default() -> Self {
		Self {
			child: None

impl Server {
	fn start(&mut self) {
		self.child = Some(Command::new("./chromedriver")
			.expect("ls command failed to start"));

	fn shutdown(&mut self) {
		input(None); // wait for input so you can observe the process

pub fn input(prompt: Option<String>) {
	let mut input = String::new();
	match prompt {
		Some(prompt) => println!("{}", prompt),
		None => ()
	io::stdin().read_line(&mut input).expect("Failed to read input");

The streaming sites listed on have plenty of duplicates. Essentially, they're the same sites with different names/skins but the exact same content.

It would be beneficial to the community if we could consolidate these down into groups according to which ones are the same.

We can still list all of them, but perhaps do it together so people don't waste their time trying out the same site under a different name.


I've printed similar objects with a different colored PLA, but I ran out of it and switched to this.

Is it possible that this could be influencing the outcome?

I have tried reducing the printing speed by 50%, but this did not seem to have a significant impact.

[SOLUTION] The problem was a loose screw. The offending part as well as the new result are pictured below. It's not perfect, which I guess is actually a part of the model this time, but it's good enough for my purposes and way better than what it was before.

I figured this out by twisting the Z-axis thingy manually all the way to the top to see if I could feel any issues. Towards the top, it would start to 'skip', where I would turn and pretty much nothing would happen. I assume this has to do with the lack of lube at the top because my prints rarely go that high. I checked to see if the screws were loose, and sure enough, the top one was. I tightened it up and now my printer is printing like the beast I remember!


Isn't it enough to just enter your password once to login, then receive a warning whenever you're about to do something potentially dangerous?

If it's such a big security risk, how come the most popular and widely used operating systems in the world and their users seem to be unaffected by it?

I guarantee, most new users coming to Linux from Windows/macOS are going to laugh and look at you funny if you try to justify entering your password again and again and again.


It seems like they're leaving a lot of money on the table. I don't think a significant number of people would jump ship if Twitch updated their policy to give 99% of donations directly to streamers while taking a 1% cut for themselves.

There might be some initial grumbling, but it would probably fizzle out in a week when people move on to other things.

Of course, there is no direct admittance of "we knew it would be cheaper to let them die."

Instead, they say "we had no legal obligation to rescue them." That's the answer for the people who were born yesterday.

Big oil truly is a disgusting thing.

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