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Boringly straight man here: I usually dream as myself, but occasionally I'm dreaming that I'm someone else. Could be either a man or a woman. Sometimes I have no body at all.

So I know nothing about how common my style of dreams are, but I don't see any reason why trans people would have to dream a single persona all the time.

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The search being free is half the reason. Or maybe 1/3. The other reasons are that in plenty of cases it takes more than when I'm trying to understand something and I'm not sure what (like, today, I was trying to understand how the circuit of sewing machine pedal works) and I had to do several searches in order to figure that out since I wasn't even sure what is the right term.

The other one is that I'm not native English speaker, and often, I search for a term in one language, then the other. Or I need to do a search, just in order to find the right term.

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They estimate that a Google user searches 3/4 times a day.


I probably do 3/4 searches an hour. Including while I'm sleeping.

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To be that annoying guy - photosynthesis = photo synthesis= light driven synthesis= light controlled driven chemical reaction.

The human body uses sun light to create synthesis melatonin and vitamin D

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I tried but the browser just ignore my request. I saw in the other reply, that this is an issue of font fingerprints.

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This is most probably it. Thank you.


Hi, recently Firefox (technically Librewolf) presents me with weird whitespace as in the image. I tried to search for something similar, and I did find some post, suggesting I'll edit my font configs (in settings), but this has no effect. I tried to also open in incognito mode or disabled all my plugins or even create a new profile on my machine, but the spacings are always like this. On proper firefox, I don't see this issue.

Any idea?

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Sadly, it appears that doing this requires skills way overy limit. But maybe this would be useful for you.


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Yes, you got it right.

Thanks for the answer, I suspected that this would be the case from the suggestions, but thanks for explaining.

I saw that someone did that, but it's too much of digging into his explanation for me to manage to do it.

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There's a work computer and a home computer. I don't want my work files ending up on my own computer (for confidentiality reasons) and I don't want my porn viruses ending up on my work laptop.

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There are two issues here:

  1. I have only one monitor
  2. I would like to avoid the risk of copying files between the computer
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It's a standard Windows machine. It has a ssh.

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I have a docking station, or better said KVM, connected to the monitor, keyboard etc. Currently, I'm switching the KVM between the laptop and the desktop machine using a USB C. I wonder if there is a way for me to turn my desktop into a KVM.


The thing is like this: I have a windows laptop I use for work, and a Linux desktop machine. I have a single screen keyboard etc. and I switch between the two using a docking station. But, I wonder if there is a way for me to "cut the middle man" and just plug/unplug my linux machine.

I guess I can use a remote desktop solution approach on my laptop, but I wonder if there is a more "extreme" solution. Mostly since I have only one Ethernet port in my home office.


Like everyone I'm struggling to keep my data on Google drive below their limit. This is fine. I've been gradually deleting photos from my drive and transferring them to my own storage.

I managed to clear up about 2GB of space that away, but recently, a few weeks ago my consumed storage jumped up. I cannot figure though what is the file that tis taking away my data. It could be the I switched phone, but I don't see any big sync folder/file that I should delete here.

Any idea what is happening?

(Note: I've stopped sharing my photos with Google drive)


I like browsing through the "all" to discover new community and topics I'm unaware off. I used to do it also on Reddit. There, whenever I would subscribe to a community, I'd filter it out of the all view. Here I'm using block, but this would block the sub also from my home view. So, is ther a way to filter out the communities I'm already following?


Hi guys.

I have a Samsung s24U, and JBL Tune Beam. For whatever reason, it is not picked up by the phone audio players. Activating the Google assistant works fine. But if I want to play/pause audio it doesn't work. I tried this with podcast republic (a poscatcher), youtube and the audio player. I'm not even sure how to track this.

Any of you have an idea?


So, I bought a JBL Tune Beam two months ago. I'm overall happy with the headphones, only it feels like the noise cancelling doesn't really work. I've never had headphones that I was really happy with their ANC (Jabra elite 75t, Bose quiet comfort 35II, and Anker liberty 3). Only here, I feel like there is no real difference, only if I pay close attention I can feel some difference. With the others, the differences were more noticeable.

So is it just me? Any of you know how I can configure this somehow?


The company I work in switched to a new building, and we have those stupid doors with RFID cards on them. I'd be damned if I'm going walk with that I'm-working-in-hightech-company-card dangling of my belt. I wonder if there is a way for me to use my phone for credentials. I tried searching for it, and all I could find is ways for me to use the phone in order to copy the info from one card to another.

So is it somehow possible?


I have installed librawolf and I see that canvas access is disabled by default in all webpages so I started activating them when they bother me (whatsapp, youtube, element.io etc.). But then I figure that it is disabled for a reason. What should I pay attention to?


As expected, me, as a single mod, requires some help. I'll keep this post pinned and update it when needed. At the moment, what the community needs (except for more active users) is:

  1. Another mod, even if there is not a lot of work to do, I'd still be happy if we can have redundancy.
  2. Design for the community logo and banner.
  3. A bot to update the sidebar - this is something I can do myself, only it will take me sometime to get there.

Or maybe it is only me?

When I'm clicking a link to a community on the instance I'm logged into (Lemmy.world), the community opens in my web browser rather than in jerboa. Given, this is annoying especially when I want to subscribe to that community.

I should note that I'm using a url checker app so this might be the reason for such behavior.

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