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Archiving doesn't work with some sites, someone got another trick?

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His friend Strom Thurmond lived to be a 100. These racist ghouls tend to live long.

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Israel is nothing without the continued support of the US and other Western countries.

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Words are meaningless, he is still sending weapons to Israel.

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You can visit their website and see for yourself

Another Arab American poll by another institution in November 2023 reported a drop from 59% to 17% for Biden. Biden's and Trump's popularity dropped further since then, even if ADC are odd in their results.

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Support for Biden was 59% in 2020 among Arab American. I wonder what and who caused it to drop so much...

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India is playing both sides, good for them

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  1. Trump as you can clearly see is very unpopular among Arab Americans
  2. Arab Americans are citizens, majority Christian and practically indistinguishable, here are a two American celebrities you might not have known were Arabs: Callie Khouri, and Tony Shalhoub.
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Some do believe in lesser-evilism and are holding on to it, others simply don't care except about themselves. This drop remains one of the largest in a very short period. Biden and the Democratic Party had around 59% approval among Arab Americans before October 2023. I don't have conclusive data but I know that it was higher than among the general population at any period, now it is in the single digits.

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This could help reduce cooling costs. Can it be applied to existing houses?

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Where is the propaganda? Are you a genocide apologist?

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You could read the article or perhaps learn more about the website

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